Monday, April 28, 2008

Wien to Győr and All I Have to Show for It Is This Goddamned Black Sabbath (Dio-Era) T-Shirt...

Hi Again,

After we bade farewell to the Teknoist and our host Michal in Bratislava, we sped across the Danube for a day of intensive sightseeing in Wien. No Ultravox ditties sprung to mind, but the sounds of yowling football hooligans filled the warm Austrian air. (Same difference, I suppose.) Vienna is such a great city - more expensive than I remember, but choc-a-bloc with compelling side streets and delirious dead ends. It was a perfect day, with much strangeness punctuating the usual urban clamor. Slept overnight at a mammoth hostel on Friedrich Engels Platz; surprising architectural flourishes, no amenities whatsoever. Awoke at 5:15 AM, wrestled with the idea of sleep for another couple of hours, then abandoned all hope and went for a shower. The bathroom pipes made sounds similar to those that might be produced should Prurient someday be remixed by Paul Hardcastle... Kicked around Wien until noon, waiting for Sickboy's promoter friend Gee, who had been up late with Amon Tobin the night before. Tough job... Had to bolt for Hungary when Herr Gee got delayed until 2:30 PM, and here we are in Győr. Sort of a sleepy burg, at least from an initial pubside perusal. The venue is an appropriately funky improv jazz cellar, and fuck knows what the Mediawave Fest attendees will make of us. Balazs finally hooks up with us tonight... Hope he's only playing a kitchen whisk and a pair of spoons, 'cuz otherwise we'll need scuba gear to breathe in the Kangoo... Everyone's a little tired, and my snoring seems to defeat all defensive countermeasures, but the gigs have been insane and audiences (with the exception of the chin-scratching noise fundamentalists in Bruxelles and beardo cabalists in Lüneburg) have been fucking losing it. We've opened up TLASILA, ripped out its guts, reassembled the chassis with dolphin brains and ape eyes, and we're ready for tomorrow's slaughters...

Balazs just walked in. His quintet begin a soundcheck soon... Looks to be a electro-acoustic kinda skronk-ass free-for-all; should be a fun evening.

He's got a full kit - we're fucked completely.

Note: new pix have been uploaded. We're current through April 19. I'll post captions ASAP!

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