Thursday, July 13, 2006

TLASILA: Churchill's, Miami, 25/27 August 1994

(The window on these downloads had to be shut on July 23. As always, thanks for downloading, sharing, trading, etc.)

Hello... The world's gone completely berserk in the hours since my last post; so what's new?

As a soundtrack to global calamity, you could do worse:

To Live and Shave in L.A. - Churchill's, Miami, Thursday, August 25, 1994


01 Ratuning
02 I Learn to Inject Morphia
03 One Navel of Decline
04 I Am _____
05 The Ass God
06 I Used to Pay a Heavy Bribe

23.7 MB / TT: 10:21 / 320 kbps


To Live and Shave in L.A. - Churchill's, Miami, Saturday, August 27, 1994


01 I Learn to Inject Morphia
02 One Navel of Decline
03 The Dublin Sound
04 Tina Russell, Free
05 First Pop Novice
06 The Ass God
07 I Used to Pay a Heavy Bribe

32.6 MB / TT: 14:15 / 320 kbps

Rat Bastard: bass
Tom Smith: voice, tapes

Ben Wolcott had not yet joined the fray; 30-mm had been on release for only a few weeks.

Engineered by Rat (who ran off the stage, set levels to "autopilot" mode, hit start on the ADAT, and ambled back to the boards). Mixed a week later by TS at Sync, Miami. (Not that there was much to mix... At the Hideaway we had but three tracks of digital!)


The Thursday night/Friday morning slot at Churchill's was a lonely post, yes, but also an awesome duty. Rat had the run of the joint, and his mob lieutenants could be counted on to run the PA (which Rattus had designed and installed). We played there scores of times between 1993 and 1996, as did Harry Pussy, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa, et al. It was never much of a scene; CBGB comparisons are wholly inaccurate. No, it was instead a farm club weight room, a public rehearsal space. We would show up at 1:30 AM, assemble our gear, run through our set, maybe buy a beer, and bolt. In and out in 30 minutes! Thus, one of the layers of the männercreme double entendre...

Thursday's "performance" (Aug 25), delivered to an absolutely empty house, was quite glaringly fractured. Rat was initially tentative, and my timing was perliously off. What doesn't kill you only hitches a ride in your trouser cuffs...

The Saturday bill was shared with Harry Pussy. Our two groups were intensely competitive, and each did its damnedest to blow the other off the stage. We seemed to have ramped things up a bit from the rehearsal...

Song titles are presented for your edification, but each file is contiguous, and the recordings are presented as is, save for normalization and some editing of between-song rehearsal silences.

Share, burn, post, etc., at least as you see fit.



Bummin' Around...

I've been in a bit of a funk for the past few days; can't seem to shake the disquiet.

Sorry about not posting more than the few, scattered thoughts you see enameled atop the mantle of July 11...

To make up for it, later today I'll upload a newly retrieved and remastered set of TLASILA performances from August 1994. Pluck out your orbs and plant them next to your laptops...


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