Monday, March 23, 2009

An Absence of Energy at an Energy HQ...

Guten Tag,

I'm at work, posting through a corporate intranet as I wait on a very tardy pupil. Executives are allowed to blow off their English lessons, despite the hefty (and wholly reasonable) fee my company charges them for the service rendered. (Or, in this case, unrendered.) I get paid regardless, but it's always better to teach than not. My German improves, my English improves... No-shows are a drag. (Yes, I was late for every ethics and media class I ever took at VSU, but at least I managed to haul myself out of bed, brush a wolverine across my scalp, and take part in the inevitably absurd discussions.)

Lots of posts were written (and new mashups recorded) over the weekend, but I've been too distracted / disorganized to post them. They'll pop up, in chronological order, over the next few hours. It's cheating, I know, but I'm not writing for The Atlantic, so I can post whenever I damn well please.

Tim from Rope Cosmetology arrives in Hannover on Tuesday Wednesday afternoon for a two week stay. (Rather than moan about a too-abbreviated tour, we decided to refocus our efforts on recording a proper album, face-to-mottled-mug, and in the process prepare for the gigs in Paris and at Silke Arp Bricht.) Tim and I will be laboring over texts, rhythmic beds, etc. Can't wait to get into gear!

Updates to the TLASILA web, the Karl Schmidt Verlag page, and the Rope Cosmetology profile have all been posted. Much more material is in the works and will follow shortly...

Pit Noack and I made several hours of Three Resurrected Drunkards recordings on Friday at Silke. I'll upload photos from the sessions with the accompanying post that I've written but not yet midwived...

Hope all of you are well.



To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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