Tuesday, December 20, 2005

CG Fete Aktionen!

A gargantuan happy birthday blare to TLASILA majordumpling Chris Grier! The lad turns a strapping 33 today... Fresh meat for the chop shop faux-grinder!

Chris appears on the forthcoming To Live and Shave in L.A. long-player Music in the World of Islam Vol. 17: No Mention of Noon. Reserve your yesterdays tomorrow!

HBD, M. G.

Last "Noon" Post for Twenty-Four Hours, Promise!

Andrew rang to report he and Don completed the last wee Noon and Eternity tweaks Sunday eve. Off to the (three-legged) races! Should have a disc by Wednesday...

Have to get the sleeve together, but otherwise, we're done. (For the nonce.)

With Noon in the can and the Dave Philips and SASU TSSR discs mastered, activity has resumed on the other forthcoming TLASILA alb, Horóscopo: Sanitorio de Molière. I've been working on it in month-long spurts since early 2002. It's revealing itself slowly, and thus I've been careful to drag my heels. Although its eight tracks are finished, the inevitable delay is attributable to my penchant for endless post-production diddling. Oh, the joys of (delusional) perfectionism... Blossoming Noise have asked to release it, and I'm happy to allow them the task. (I embrace all contradictions.) If I can tear myself away from the studio, expect a 2006 launch, before, after, or simultaneously with N&E.

Kill Your Partners,


A Dredged Odium I Limn Not...

Back from a six-day sojourn in Atlanta. Gamine Cyn was gracious, as always. Ate well (we hit the Indian place twice... dodgy atmosphere, but the curries are near-otherworldly), watched many films (Capote at the cinema, six DVDs at the manse), dutifully hit the shops, took in the annual GSU Sculpture Department's holiday Iron Pour (I was initially suspicious, but once there, I marvelled), drank, fooled around, etc. Beats carolling.


To Live and Shave in L.A.: Ireland September 2018!

Hi all, We're heading over to Eire at the end of next month to perform in four cities. Along for the ride with Rat Bastard and myse...