Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Not Such a Terrible Schedule, Ja?

Hello Hello Hello Again,

Good news! The worst of the KSV logjam (caused by the sheer amount of work - unforseen, to be pitifully honest - required to hurl the 72 Hours set into post-production) is now behind us. Most orders should be in the mail by Thursday. Each will receive a pair of free discs - one from the archive, and one from the new release larder (specifically, the forthcoming TSKD album).

Cheers again for your patience. As for our issuing seventy-two-hour collections of anything in future, don't bet the factory farm sewage sump on it...

Book orders and copies of 72 Hours will be mailed separately, but everything should be out of the office no later than next week. Your fearless leader has a fairly crushing schedule at the moment, so lethargy will be piped through the copper in minor key relief through the end of March. Believe, KSV is learning from its errors of hubris. We bit off several mouthfuls more than we were able to adequately masticate....

OK, on to new business. Dig the concert schedule here at HQ!

Crazy, no? It's gonna be a wild-ass spring. One disappointment - Evil Moisture was supposed to kick the March series off tomorrow at the Oberdeck, but Andy B. was forced to cancel after adjoining gigs couldn't be found. Next time, Sir Freak!



99 Eyes: #29

The gaze is important to me.

99 Eyes, #29: Robert Aldrich's Ten Seconds to Hell

More Soon,


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