Friday, January 01, 2010

We Survived...

Good riddance to the 2000s! Hail the unknown decade sprawling before us!

Madness all evening long, well into the wee hours. We were lashed, thoroughly sloshed, pummeled by an intense, sixty-minute fireworks fusillade, and then beaten once and for all by private party ambiance - what began with pleasant hosts bearing icy flagons of beer and Tom Waits live rarities devolved into dull, glazed lineaments: drunks staring down dodgy Winamp playlists (dire Duran Duran, Pink fucking "Wall" Floyd) and proffering cigarettes laced with aluminum dust and industrial solvents used in the mining and silk-making industries. We escaped around 4:00, marching through relatively deep snows until we reached HQ. Then snogging and dazed grappling and oblivion...

Today was necessarily quiet. We watched Drew Barrymore's Whip It and spoke in soft, measured tones. Nothing too harsh or taxing required after two weeks of near-continuous merriment.

This evening we dropped by Silke Arp Bricht for their annual New Year's Day concert, but we were too worn out to linger more than a few hours. And now we're back...

Last year was the best of my entire life, without a doubt, but I'm extraordinarily happy to bid a brusque farewell to the decade of Bush (and its ancillary horrors).

This year also marks the 20th and final year of TLASILA! So many releases lined up: Refusal, The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply, The Cortège, Épuration, et al. We won't be touring again, but we hope the valedictory collections will help fill in gaps and dry your wells of tears.

Photos from last night will be added tomorrow. Time for bed!

Best, as ever,


AdFreak's Top 30: #4...

Ace steppers, gherkin knit...

ADVERTISER Leicester Teenage Pregnancy Partnership
"Teenage Kicks"
The Rocket Science Group, London v
COUNTRY United Kingdom

What appears to be a schoolyard fight turns out to be a lot worse in this hard-hitting British PSA. Presumably not based on actual events.


Concocted rook puns, reveling,


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