Monday, April 11, 2005

I Turned 49 Today and I Don't Care. (Or, I Am an Ancient, Cur!)

A very good day, though likely prosaic as fuck for the vast majority of humanity.

May I please bore you?

6:30 AM Chat with Elvira. (It was 2:30 PM in Yaroslavl.) She sent lots of new snaps and mini-vids... Nourishment enough for weeks.

We shared a good laugh emoticon over her Wire mention. A career springboard! Music for Solo Cosmetics, produced by David Cunningham...

(Even by The Wire's habitual, spiritless standard, the God and Country slag was deliriously fatuous.)

(Elja is repped by CAA.)

9:30 AM Location scouting in Quitman, Georgia for "Nigger Branch" documentary with classmate Callie and George Rimes, local NAACP president. (More on this later. In short, our aim is to assemble a narrative from the video testimony of survivors of and witnesses to an apalling spree of lynchings in southern Georgia in the late 1930s.)

12:00 PM Meet at Odum Library with fellow PHI students to plan Wednesday project. (On bell hooks and Paulo Freire.)

2:00 PM Lunch. Chinese waitress strikes up conversation. She asks me where I'm from; raising the stakes ever higher, I ask her where she's from. We speak Mandarin for a minute. I am amazingly rusty, but still manage to mangle six or seven otherwise perfectly banal phrases. She smiles, I leave. She forgets me immediately. (Or, waxes quasi-lyrically in Mandarin blog footnote.)

2:45 PM Catch rays in the back yard. (Today was glorious.) D'bst'p mixtape sends me to quick slumber. Ninety minutes later, still pale, but pinking.

4:20 PM Dicking around.

6:30 PM Sis and her husband arrive. We trade pleasantries. They are executives, toiling in relative private. I am a layabout, reviled/revered by loutish shut-ins in a "public" arena. This is illustrative of the price one's parents pay for genetic diversity.

7:11 PM Off to gym, then some movie, probably. (Sin City. Okay.) Then, the library.

Now, with your patience snuffed, off to oblivion!

Your Pedant,


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