Friday, May 25, 2007

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Hand Grenades...

On leaving Portland on the morning of May 3rd, the weather quickly turned ugly. Gale force winds, hail the size of circuit-bent Buddha Machines, lightning, Oregon State Patrol Officers with musicological inquiries... We witnessed the lot.

(Graham waves goodbye to the city that stole his soul. Er, heart! Heart! Or, sobriety. I forget which.)

(The clouds descend...)

(Storms roll in from the city, engulfing the nearby hills.)

(Hail began falling around us. We ducked the worst of it, but in the business zone along the highway and residential areas further up the grade, chaos ensued.)

(The storm system veered East, but heavy rains dogged us for another three hours...)

(Time for a Weed break...)

(A cop pulled us over shortly after the rest stop. He let us off with a warning; perhaps because we were all wearing seat belts (nerds that we are), and possibly because Rat summoned sufficient decorum to claim that our combo was, and I quote, "Bigger than Jesus, those Radiohead cocksuckers, Impaled Nazarene, anyone you fucking care to name!" Thank Christ the patrolman was a Druid...)

(A certain someone mocks the legal proceedings. Guess it's not illegal for a passenger to Photoshop near Weed.)

(All clear...)


A couple of hours into Northern California, of course, the mountains ebbed into the distance, and monotony was the rule. It was good to get blasted by nature, of course. Three of our party were Hurricane Andrew vets, so it pleased us to be pissed on by Pacific currents...


Cracking the (Unresolved) Black Egg...

Opened the vid archive of the recent Shave tour a few hours ago... We'll be posting camera audio feeds and swarms of screencaps shortly.

Otherwise, taking a break from online life, at least through the weekend. I've been at it non-stop since returning from the tour, and being "caught up" only really means you're in line to be swamped again... It's a soft bloody prison.

(Blurry accion from TLASILA's stand at the Springwater, Nashville, TN, April 27, 2007. The blobs on the left (displayed on the video camera's viewfinder) are me, TS, embracing/strangling Leslie Keffer (the black, wolf/devil-like smear amidst the red); her guitar neck (the white protrusion) splits the frame nicely... Arrayed about the camcorder on the desktop are the 15-plus hours of DV footage shot during the trip. We'll have a look at all of it, and report as soon as we take care of the 3,000 other things we'll obviously be neglecting...


Happy New Year from the Harz...

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