Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bel Canto Negro Girl Gets Even...

TLASILA - Maria Callas vs. Drunks with Guns

La Divina of course got her start with Tony James and Mick Jones in the London SS before moving to Belgrade in mid '76 where she joined seminal Yugo punks Radnička Kontrola. DC natives Drunks with Guns emerged from Gallaudet University's SBG (Student Body Government) where they helped found the Erase the Hate program and proved their mettle as songwriters by contributing to the libretto of the Off-Broadway adaptation of Deaf Side Story: Deaf Sharks, Hearing Jets, and a Classic American Musical.


(Four tracks, 25 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Yours Faithfully,


Linked from HuffPo: Shock Doctrine Confab

Good Morning,

After watching John Cusack's Huffington Post interview with Naomi Klein, the perspicacious author of The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, I'm moved first to wolf down her tome and second, to finally devise a plan for getting the fuck out of America for good. Klein's insights are indeed revelatory; her extrapolations have often horrifying implications. This, and today's Times' op-ed on the sickening rightward lurch of the Supreme Court have made me nervous as Hell and in need of a 14-year-old single malt, neat, and a one-way, first-class ticket on Finnair. (Jesus, even Grozny-Avia would do...)

Prepare for the worst.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gedächtnis der Listen...

TLASILA - Elton John vs. Thurston Moore

Both EJ's 2004 franchise-shoring Peachtree Road und T-Byrd's new, schlager-centric Trees Outside the Academy are strikingly similar. And no, that's not a bad thing.

There's no point in jousting with entropy...

If you've been examining the threadwork along the frayed edge of the zeitgeist, well, it's obvious - the recursive elements are offensichtlich.

And that's a great thing. Seams intersect on the plain of the finite...


(Four tracks, 20.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Keine Durchfahrt,


I'll Call Your Homecoming, and Raise You a Cancellation...

Hooray! Fuck. Hooray! Fuck...

My son Evan is now scheduled to return to the States (from a 15-month tour of duty in Iraq) on October 18. So motherfucking happy... Army personnel on rotation from combat operations receive a week-long debriefing, and are then released from active duty for a month-long leave. After the holiday, reassignment. If all goes as promised, Evan will be deployed Stateside. So motherfucking thrilled...

One major related disappointment - my tour with Alexei Borisov and Anton Nikkila was supposed to have begun in Helsinki on October 24.

With Evan excused from duty on the 25th, well, unavoidable and seemingly insurmountable difficulties ensue. No need to elaborate - I simply can't be half a world away when he leaves Fort Farm Fuckhole in Kansas...

We were gonna go to the Ukraine! To Tallinn, Estonia! To Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, maybe a few other towns... Shit! I haven't been there since August 2005; I miss the East and Scandinavia so much...

Paternal instincts utterly overpower my wanderlust. I must stand with Evan.

There might be some sort of workaround possible, but at this juncture...

Fuck... Hooray! Fuck... Hooray!


Friday, September 28, 2007

Grech, Ass-Drunk Again on Braun's Müller-Thurgau...

TLASILA - Blind Faith vs. Marion Brown

Preliminaries include In Sommerhausen's excoriation of BF's "Exchange and Mart," which Robert Stigwood later traded to Ambrose Jackson for a stuffed Abtenauer foal...


(Four tracks, 22 MB, ripped @ 320.)

Tightly shut your eyes and click somewhere near here.


Can't find my way to Katharinengasse 3,


Sitting on the Floor at James Chance's Request...

We (TLASILA) have a two- (maybe three- ) disc set forthcoming on Important... Remember? It's comprised of contributors' deformations of a 30-minute distillation of the five hours of rehearsal outtakes recorded for Noon and Eternity. Yeah, it's just that convoluted... So what? You should crawl through Hell for these crumbs.

It's called The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply, and the spoiled little fucks who promised mixes came through in a HUGE way. We've got tracks from Jimmy Eat World, Mohinder, The Promise Ring, Max Colby, The Get Up Kids...

(Uh, sorry, that's my dream project.)

We had to settle for Reto Mader (as RM74), Dino Felipe, Dave Phillips, Anton Nikkila, Alexei Borisov, Howard Stelzer, Kasra Mowlavi, Thee Majesty, Ralf Wehowsky, Fabrizio Palumbo, Carlos Giffoni, and Rudolf, who's also agreed to create the album's artwork for us...

(I ruin a quarter-hour of disc space myself...)

(Above, an uncharacteristically pensive Frau

Our deadline looms... Look for Grief in late late '07 or early '08 (or mid-'12), depending.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Schism Gave Birth to Excision...

Quoi de neuf? Everyone well?

Here's a new Sirop bodybag:

TLASILA - Brave New World vs. Miss High Heel

Wherein we find Impressions on Reading Aldous Huxley in violent opposition against The Family's Hot Daughter...

Stirring "disturbance" in heretical drag is folly - May '68 (or Zürich '16, or Oakland '66) begins with oneself.


(Four tracks, 24.8 MB, ripped @ 320.)





Evelyn Marble Sheds Her CaCO3...

This one's for the Donald...

TLASILA - Velvet Monkeys vs. Velvert Turner Group

During which Rake clambers into the centrifuge with the Hendrix manqué's eponymous '72 slab. Thurston rolls a massive party spliff and all the kids break into a Camberwell Now/Nicole Scherzinger medley...

(Click above for a larger image.)


(Ten tracks, 55 MB, ripped @ 320... Happy actual birthdate, DF!)



Best and Brightest,


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Miss High Heel Update!

Oh my God... We're nearing the manufacturing phase of the Miss High Heel studio compilation, The Family's Hot Daughter. Prepare for serious fucking MAYHEM.

We're not offering the usual faux-tumult associated with "noise." Nah, these sessions captured genuine insanity.

I was fresh from a marital collapse and running off the goddamned rails, Azita was giving herself coffee enemas two or three times every friggin' day, Magas was pissed 'cuz he only received chocolate cherries and tube socks from his father on Christmas (consult the first Lake of Dracula album for details), Weasel was (temporarily) stymied in his efforts to break the blast beat barrier, Mike Green had better hair than all of the North Side combined and as a result local esteem stocks were plummeting (and, conversely, Jodi Mecanic had just given herself the worst perm in human history), Nandor was reduced to delivering pizzas for $5 an hour in Wicker Park, and O'Rourke kept buttonholing us about Van Dyke fucking Parks, as if we didn't know the music of the fat old cunt in the first place! The only "normal" members of the group were Falzone and Pisarri, and had their relative sobriety been used as any sort of metric, well, calculations would have been FUCKED.

If you were there, you knew.

Strap your asses in...

(Above, Trevor Brown's artwork for the MHH sleeve. Great thanks to Trevor and Blossoming Noise!)


(Jodie McCann, aka Jodie Mecanic, aka Odi M'Khan, as pictured on the sleeve of The Many Moods of Marlon Magas' Melt Your Gold EP, released a few months after the '96 MHH sessions on Vancouver's Scratch imprint. Jodie was then an amazingly fit and obviously very attractive gal (the very definition of erotic-neurotic), so detractors would have to be daft to complain about a self-administered permanent gone horribly awry. Yet, twats that we were, we did... It's right there in the photo, though slightly effaced through judicious cropping... I was in Magas' slice of the Arschloft space for the photo session with Jodie, and lemme tell ya, it was heart-stopping. [Not the perm, you idiots!] Any-fucking-how, both Marlon and Odi are brilliant on The Family's Hot Daughter... Complete gibbering madness and desperate Protean yowlp, coalesced in a staggered series of head blows...)



Monday, September 24, 2007

Swallowed on the Morning of a Busy Day...

TLASILA - In Flight Entertainment vs. Black Wing Over the Sand

Wherein the '96 comp of French soundtrack kitsch comes to the aid of Wolf Eyes' recent Oundle School simulacrum... One is lifted as the other is suppressed, Fables of the Reconstruction, etc. No judgments proffered or secured.


(One 13:16 track, 30.5 MB, ripped @ 320.)



0.05g. in a 1% Genre Solution,


For Poppa Fleming on His (Almost) Birthday...

TLASILA - Einstürzende Neubauten vs. The Four Seasons

Inspired by both the happy occasion of Donald Gene's 50th (celebrated today, but which falls on the 25th) and this morning's New York Times profile of the Seasons' Mr. Valli... Neubauten's terrific new Alles Wieder Offen platter takes on various 4S trinkets, including the recent Beggin' retrofit.

(Click the image above for a larger version.)


(Five tracks and one bonus experiment, 32.8 mb, ripped @ 320.)

Get it here.


Happy Birthday Don! My dearest, coolest friend of all... (Much to his eternal regret!)



Sunday, September 23, 2007

Moving to the Music of the Pit Boss's Letter...

TLASILA - Bay City Rollers vs. Tieum & Dr. Macabre

Rollin' fights for the Motherland, a lamb pulling a plow. The Hatefull* EP ate unpleasant biscuits. Together, they were even allowed to plant flowers...

*Their spelling...


(Four tracks, 20.7 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Spheres of (gluten-free) mozzarella,


Friday, September 21, 2007

A Tape of a White, Habit-Like Shirt Is Switched On...

TLASILA - The Fix and D-Struct & SKC vs. Rockabilly Xmas

Material action is tied into the framework of a second formative influence...


(Four tracks, 20.4 MB, ripped @ 320; you can't come into the shop unless you hate Ramones.)



Hats Off to Glass, Glass, Glass, Glass,


Thursday, September 20, 2007

"At Once Horribly Unjust and Perfectly Well Deserved..."

TLASILA - Leslie Singer vs. the White Stripes

Ms. Singer's Confessions of a Shit Addict takes leave of gloomy corridors in the company of the White family's Icky Thump, which of course cultivates virtues of obedience...


(Four tracks, 19.3 MB, ripped @ 320...)



I've been away,


Friday, September 14, 2007

The Bloody Dictaphone of Inevitability...

By request from Mr. Weasel Walter:

TLASILA - Hermann Nitsch vs. Polyphonic Spree

Wherein a cadre dispatched from Harmoniumwerk 4 issues cease and desist orders against fragments from the Neue Vaudeville canon...


(Four tracks, 16.3 MB, ripped @ 320.)





Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Take a Xerox of a Car Bomb to Bass Cabs and Bassoons...

TLASILA - Luc Ferrari vs. Scorpions

Matin et Soir goes mottled beret to Hanover ball peen against Virgin Killer...


(Four tracks, 15 MB, ripped @ 320.)





Setenta y Cinco Sondeos También Muchos...

TLASILA - Alfredo Zitarrosa vs. Boredoms (77Boadrums)

Wherein AZ's Adagio en Mi País performs a zamba around the splintered detritus of 7/7/07... (But then that collision was implicit, no?)


(Four tracks, 17.y7 MB, ripped @ 320.)

Por favor...*

*The link has been repaired. Apologies for the screw-up.


Yours Quasi-Faithfully,


Wallowing in Transcendence...

TLASILA - Lou Reed's Berlin vs. Mahavishnu Orchestra Live at Shibuyakokaido, Tokyo

'73 exemplars conjoin but resist convulsion...


(Four tracks and one bonus meditation loop, 16.8 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Kill the Idols Who Suggest You Kill Yr Idols,


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

An Intervention...

(Amended September 11, 2007. The original archive was deleted after I discovered coding irregularities; the eight tracks - remixed again late on the 10th - were uploaded early this morning. Thus, this is version two of the Original Doll/Art Ensemble/Tarkus post.)

Earlier today I intercepted eight tracks from the forthcoming (and as-yet-untitled) Britney Spears album.* A few of the songs seem unfinished ("Baby Boy" especially), but the majority appear to have received the usual dollop of high-dollar (albeit obdurately 'n' B-squad-derived) gloss. Joni Mitchell won't be quaking in her Earth Shoes, but then "Big Yellow Taxi" is no "Oops!... I Did It Again." Reverse caveats noted, the music isn't terribly inspiring, despite inherent malignancies. If Brit really earns $767,000 per month, shouldn't she be able to fucking buy George Martin? Chris Thomas? Genya Raven? The girl needs help, plain and simple.

You're all doubtless aware of Ms. Spears' performance at last evening's VMA kudocast...

I propose Britney dump the woeful drip-hop tropes and drive the Escalade into less familiar culverts.

*(The new album - at least according to the information encoded into the mp3s I downloaded - appears to be titled Original Doll. For the purposes of this intervention, I have used that designation.)


TLASILA - Original Doll vs. Art Ensemble of Chicago & Tarkus

Wherein the ACoE's brilliant The Spiritual and the eponymous debut platter of our favorite early 70s Peruvian psych freaks come to the aid of Ms. Spears' fifth compendium.

The songs:

01 Baby Boy
02 Been a While
03 Cold as Fire
04 Everybody
05 Gimme More
06 Got Me High
07 Heaven on Earth
08 It Feels Nice

Hastily assembled by yours truly at TLASILA's Western Blot HQ on September 10, 2007.


(64.8 MB, ripped @ 320. Counselors are standing by.)



Pray for Clarity,


Monday, September 10, 2007

RIP Janis Martin...

Let us now weep for a recently fallen titan, Miss Janis Darlene Martin...

From 1955 to '57 this rockabilly wildcat tore it up! Bounced from her label (RCA) and forced into early retirement after a secret elopement (and subsequent pregnancy), she raised young'uns until crazed Brit neo-billies coaxed her back onto the escarpment in the early 1980s. They vociferously dug, and Mlle. Martin hungrily lapped up the good will. Hosanna! She criss-crossed the planet from that frame until last Monday (September 3rd), when she passed from rocking too goddamned hard.

"Female Elvis"? Hardly. Contextually, Janis had extinction event impact.

Read the Los Angeles Times' obituary here.

(The Bear Family compilation pictured above will incinerate everything in your muzak library, so stay the fuck away from it unless you're willing to burn...)


Know Your Matriarchs,


1988 Occultation Inna 1671 Shrina Style...

TLASILA - N.W.A. vs. The Royal Guardsmen

Fresh from Moreau's laptop. Explanations unnecessary...


(Four tracks, 14.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)





Sunday, September 09, 2007

Squeeze My Lemon ('Til the 2,3-Diethylpentanes Run Down My White Vinyl Peg Leg...)

TLASILA - Tony Joe White vs. Les Rallizes Dénudés

TJ's incomparable Groupy Girl makes agreeably louche small talk on the Hell back porch stoop with Hadaka no Rallizes' sterling Le 12 Mars 77 à Tachikawa...


(Four tracks, 17.2 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Until Tomorrow,


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Post-Cortege Collisions? Too Mauldin to Resist...

TLASILA - John Zorn vs. Montana Slim

Wherein Herr Z's Duras: Duchamp careens into a sliver of Mr. Carter's eight-disc Cowboy Songs compendium...


(Four tracks, 17.6 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Circling the wagons of mise en abyme, I remain,


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shave Docu-Anomaly #667

From Chris Grier, to TS:

Here ya go: A photo of you with a guitar in yr lap.

You really seem bewildered by that thing. You look like a primate who can't decide whether to lick it or smash it.

I say smash first, lick later...


TLASILA: Deletion Sub-Series (Segments I-L)


A few hours ago I uploaded the newest installment of our occasional Deletion series to the MySpace server.

Please find the EP here.

I'm usually loathe to cross-post between platforms, but hubris once again intrudes.

Live Bait,


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

TLASILA: GBM Pix, 28 Aug 07


Below, find twelve images from our impromptu August 28th gig at Brooklyn's Goodbye Blue Monday. Most of the photos were taken while we were milling about on the patio of the venue; the usual conversational banter was interrupted by a surprisingly entertaining bout of teen apartment wrestling visible from the second floor of an adjacent apartment building...



(Pix shot by yours truly und Misty Martinez.)

Monday, September 03, 2007

TLASILA: Think Tank Video #1 (25 Aug 07)

Below, Ben Wolcott, Mark Morgan and Graham Moore lay down the backing track for "Til Their Legs Gave Way" during the first hours of Think Tank recording for our forthcoming Cortege album. Rat Bastard may be seen floating in and out of frame, and Don Fleming bolts into the mise en scène at the conclusion of the take. Your faithful correspondent is solely responsible for the half-assed documentation - reckon I was low on caffeine!



TLASILA: WFMU Session, 27 Aug 07

Good Morning...

Below, please find a folio of images from our third and most recent session for Brian Turner and our ever-gracious comrades at WFMU. We'll have screengrabs from the session as soon as the video has been previewed.

(Over-documentation is our primary vice. In addition to the 260 photos that I took over the long weekend, I filled two DV tapes with sequences shot at Sightings' rehearsal space, the Think Tank, 'FMU, and Goodbye Blue Monday. Ben, Graham, Chris and Patrick also took a great many snaps on both digital cameras and cell phones.)

We'll sort it all out eventually...


(Snaps / vidcaps by TS and Graham Moore.)

Happy New Year from the Harz...

Hello Droogs, Happy 2019! I‘m in the Harz region of Germany, enjoying a three-day getaway to cap off an eventful year, one marked by celeb...