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New Releases for Your Weekend from Karl Schmidt Verlag...

(Amended 12 May 14. Ruine 1974-2014 corrections: running times adjusted, outer sleeve added.)

Ladies, Germs,

As promised, new graininess, devoid of gesture!

KSV 318 Mic'd Roofers - Hazy Ebonies

01 Untitled  (44:48)

Composed, performed, mixed and produced by Rilu Cochrane
at Citation Plateworks, Dessau, May 2013-Jan 2014.
Mastered by Linda/Viola/Uwe at the Slab in Cluj-Napoca.
Design supervision: Lamotrigine @ Dose, Helmstedt.

"This sparkling cocktail of bergamot, orange blossom, white musk, and leather channels the glamour of a Gucci gown." - X-Plagiarist, Spring 2014


KSV 319 Doombruder - Bekleidete Halbschwestern

 01 Untitled (78:03)

Composed and performed by Doombruder.
Drydock Stalling & Imtiefen Wald: instruments.
Recorded live at Sturmglocke, Hannover, by Karl.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at the Slab, Cluj-Napoca.
Artwork by Repiu @ Perihelion 80 AU, Bremen.

"To children, Venice again, afternoon lies are scenes to be taken back. Necessarily pleasing beaches from her Europe, for another final ocean summer." - Modular Bass, June 2014


KSV 320 Sgnit Hgis - Gab es drei Sichtungen

01 Untitled (54:21)


"That showy eye, highlighted adding a matched line, blended black, the creative double-winged light flicked with blushing edges, touching the directors of corners, giving concerts for white cheeks." 

 - Shadow Philips, Used Velvet (Summer 2014) 


KSV 321 Merkwürdig Riechen - Truckle Smog: Code Chunks

01 Untitled (59:42)


"Merkwürdig Riechen anchor magistrates. Tormented judges re-title misleading notables. Cheap dramatics co-script biases. (They) are foreboding, indeterminate. Stunning, naturalistic gall."

- Slanted (Norway), Issue 67, 2014


KSV 322 The Hard Fence Dreamed - Dresden: Alaunstraße, 9. Mai

01 Untitled (67:23)


"Camera-elegant assumption of Turkish Raphael to accessories of northern identity. Only 37, they led the reborn in portrayals of noblewomen and scholars' headdresses. 'Be a slave dub,' they exort, as Italian social remains wound the eloquent. Sitters contemporaries? Portraits are sometimes mistaken."

- W. Frick, Grey Caste, June 2014


KSV 323 Spandex Innovations - Handcuffed Eight Screws

01 52:10

SI: Théo de Tschudi & ALEXANDRA P.X

Recorded composed performed mixed produced by Spandex Innovations.
Mastered Linda, Viola & Uwe. Sleeve: Geber @ Grosseteste, Oxford.

"Illustrious private watch auction, snake enamel and original O-masters stream private, Horst-inspired diamond shoes..."

- Queen of Tinimbang, Summer 2014


KSV 324 SFTSTPS + Married in Berdichev - Oberdeck, 19. Mai

01 Married in Berdichev (25:35)
02 SFTSTPS (16:59)
03 Version (16:39)

SFTSTPS: Nicholas Houde. MARRIED IN BERDICHEV: Brittany Gould.
Recorded at the Oberdeck, Hannover, 19 May 2013 by Karl.
Version: Paranoid Leather. Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe.
Sleeve: Third Marriage @ Nymphomaniac Sister, Berlin.

"Captures prose girlfriends interweaving vibrant embellishments and violent decor. Petulant, opulent, flattering parchments, tablecloths, jets and spoons."

- Freak Sferra, Volterra #19 (May 2014)


KSV 325 Violence Prostitute Just Business Talk - Death Second 

 01 UNTITLED (71:02)

VPJBT: Crista Olesen, Willem Migration and Amelie Reiter.

Mix: Crista & Paranoid Leather. Recorded May-June 2013 at Glance at Pomp, Leipzig. Mastered by Viola, Linda & Uwe at the Slab, Cluj. Design: Mamo at Selbst 211, Leipzig.

"Hallucinations, holes. Mother feared Carlo died of bodies. Characters' persecutions edited hospitable complexities, butchers' magical sculptures. Severe gouaches shock unearthed Silvana, the least irregular of four. Die for the drawings!" 

- A.R. Poe, Albino (3), 2014.


KSV 326 Dizonom - A Simple Asphyxiant 

01 Untitled (71:28)

Composed performed mixed produced by Dizonom.
Pott: electronics Anders: sound design.
Mastered by Jette at Spyy; København.
Art: Rasmus at RKA 112.

"Eroded red mica, speckling, a reddish-blue beach clay. Sea green there, and red-brown beneath the yellow. Gulls flock in white lake green, a leeward red longing of furious lures and snagged roofs. Red, red, rest down."

- NWW Dialysis, Summer 2014.


KSV 370 Run Dust x T/SMS - Bop Cshack Bootleg Rework

Side A 13:14 Side B 15:10 Version 17:04 Re-edit remix production T/SMS
Original sounds Run Dust.

(This release includes an additional seventeen minutes of material not included on the original KSV Digital version.)

"Blame the little observer. His death touch gathered the murderer. Principles celebrate the structured realism housing a kill. A classic cellar dose of sequestered police culprit. A turbulent win for ugly 'cinema'!"

- Babbitt, Manchester Evening News, May 2014.


KSV 375 Tom Smith - Ruine 1974-2014 (2xCD + 48-page booklet)

101 Ruine (Pt. 1) (67:26)
201 Ruine (Pt. 2) (72:03)

One hundred and ninety-two extracts spanning the 41-year musical career of the famed Protestant cemetery, from 1974's Tommy Smith's Coast Guard (recorded at age 17) to a recently recorded T/SMS live "TST." Each year is represented by 180 seconds of sound, with each disc's 90-second fragments distributed within the mix via custom algorithm. Selection, editing, mix and production by TS. This release is one in a continuing series exploring the depth of Tom's extraordinarily expansive archive (not idle hyperbole - there are thousands of recordings stretching back to the early 70s, only a handful of which have been lost), leading to a more traditional (chronological) anthology.

"Faith deteriorated between the sentence and the conditional. Ashes followed immunity."

- C. Zurvan, Western Proceedings


Editions of 15.

Single-disc releases benefit from our 2008-2009 pricing scheme in gratitude for your continued support. It's KSV's fifth-year anniversary, after all. In the Eurozone, €7.49 postpaid. Elsewhere, €9 postpaid.

The exception is KSV 375, which is a double-disc release accompanied by a 48-page booklet. €31 in the Eurozone, €37 elsewhere.

PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

Many thanks, as ever!


Tom / Karl

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