Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blending a Closed, Fortress-Like Exterior...

Leslie Q - The Casual Plane

(1995, Majora Records MAJ LQ2 LP, out of print)

Second, often startling long-player from our peripatetic pal Leslie Q, one that tears the vagabond's tawdry veil of introspection asunder with a pitiless disregard born of implacable longing. Outstanding...

After hearing this, I wanted to work with her. In 1998 I produced her third album, Into Handicapped. I consider myself fortunate to have done so...

Salut LAQ!


01 Time Will Erase (0:51)

02 Don't Remind Me (2:06)

03 Upside-Down Way (2:00)

04 Get Right (2:24)

05 Naked Nowhere (3:19)

06 Pretend You're Real (1:38)

07 Play Away (2:33)

08 Proper Place (1:54)

09 She Is My Star (2:14)

10 Living Inside (3:16)

11 The Revolution Starts Within (3:43)

12 Power of Addition (2:40)

13 She Said She Wouldn't (0:52)

14 The Casual Plane (o:41)

15 Digestive Breath (0:54)

16 Already There (2:59)

17 Out of Time (2:16)


Leslie Q - voice, guitar, metronone, live to cassette recording

originally mastered and edited by Scott Colburn, 1995

remastered and re-edited by TS at Western Blot, 13 Sept 08


(83.5 MB, ripped @ 320 from a transfer of Leslie's personal copy of the album...)



Ye aulde Forced Exposure blurb:

Second solo album of spectacular personal intimation; absolutely hammered acoustic guitar mantra-esque tunes and enchanting droned vocals on top. This is a sound for many unanswered dreams.


Foreboding in the projection booth,


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