Wednesday, July 06, 2005

No Wickedness for the Rested

Another productive afternoon. The album is really beginning to take shape. Not that it didn't previously maintain form - far from it. It is wholly suffused. All we ask is that you divorce yourselves from previous notions you may have had about TLASILA. Give us the benefit of the doubt. We wished (as you also encouraged us) to blast past everything, to at last make redundant the withered genres and fatigued gestures against which we've so vehemently railed, to strip them of relevance, crush them, once and for all. Guess what...

We're sorting out credits here at HQ, and Andy will definitely get to chair the captain's buffet. He is the producer. His contributions have been inestimable. If his production of this album is any indication, then the next Sightings album (which he will also helm) will be nothing short of (add hyperbolic adjectival interjection here). I am the director, or, perhaps more truthfully, the rudder. It has been tremendously freeing to cede control to (and reciprocate trust with) AWK. Don Fleming had to leave for a holiday on the third day of post-production; his input has been sorely missed. Don is the enforcer. He keeps everything aligned. Once you've seen DF at work, you quickly understand why he's been chosen to shepherd so many major label projects. He remains calm, and imparts that (relative) serenity to others. It is a rare talent. (Alternatively, I complain, freak the fuck out, throw fits.) Together, we are the Trimurti. (Our superpowers include opening bags of wasabi peas without spilling the topmost layers, and hailing cabs on the first try.)

It was Elvira's birthday today. I'm guessing she drank heavily. (Russians do not deviate from genetic imperatives.) Couldn't reach her by phone, but will try after 02:00 (her time).

Managed to lock myself out of AWK's building for a few hours... (In the dark of the studio, I reached into my backpack and extracted my car keys instead of the apartment/front door keys. Know it seems idiotic, but I was rushed.) Took a taxi to University, where I joined Andrew and Cherie at Lannam. (Good Vietnamese joint near NYU.) Dined (more tofu, Roe), grabbed the keys, and walked back up to HQ.

Time for bed.

More on the morrow,


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