Sunday, July 20, 2014

Karl Schmidt Verlag: May-June Postscript

Hi Again,

All outstanding orders have shipped. I remain grateful to those of you waited patiently for your swag while I was abroad (Stateside) for my mother's funeral.

Likewise, to those cognizant of the mercurial dynamic of To Live and Shave in L.A., a sincere thank-you for allowing me and the other members of our collective to gut out the news of Chris Grier's passing.

It's been an emotional six weeks - cheers for being cool.


We'll have twelve new limited-edition releases available for immediate shipment on Tuesday.

Below, the customary collage. Pore over it at your leisure. Editions of 15 for each, save the new T/SMS. We're leaving that one slightly more open-ended.

Achtung: There are still quantities of the Ruine 1974-2014 set available, although only ONE copy of the deluxe iteration (with 48-page booklet).

Best, as ever,


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