Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sawtooth'd Sighs Over Praha...

(Amended June 23, 2010.)

VA -
From Czech Electronic Music Studios (1974)

(1974, Supraphon Records 111 1423 LP, long out of print.)


Side A

01 Zbynek Vostrák - Scales of Light (13:55)

(Recorded 1967 at Czechoslovak Radio Praha)

02 Miroslav Istvan - Isle of Toys (9:25)

(Recorded 1968 at Czechoslovak Radio Brno)

Side B

Václav Kucera - Two Parts from The Kinetic Ballet

03 The Labyrinth (14:00)

04 The Spiral (7:35)

(Recorded November 1968 at the Experimental Music Studio of Czechoslovak Radio Plzen)


(101 MB, ripped at 320 kbps from the original vinyl; info. Biographical info included.)





You Know the Name (Look Up the Stress Fracture)...

TLASILA - M. Behrens vs. Wayne Newton

Mr. Las Vegas goes tap shoe to Birkenstock with the dust compositor's Architectural Commentaries platter...


(Four tracks, 19.8 MB, ripped at 320.)



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Hasn't the Bastard Already Fucked Us Enough?

From both Forbes and Google News, monumentally telling typos:


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