Friday, May 09, 2008

Tension on the Gran Via...

Sitting around a square near the Valencia center, waiting for Jose or another venue rep to arrive from Red Shoe. Not buying a GPS in Warszawa turned out to be a stupid move. I was trying to keep our costs down, but the bloody box would have likely long ago paid for itself in time lost and diesel consumed... My bad.

We're sniping at each other a bit, nothing foul or abnormal, but even the small flare-ups yield their miseries. Touring is an unholy grind, and no, we won't be writing any road songs. Live, learn, transcend.


falling into the arms of TLASILA

Finally joined the tour here in Barcelona, much waiting in and around the Barcelona Airport. I lived there for 12 hours, managed to sample a bit of flimsy and overpriced spanish cuisine. When I'm 35 hours into a no sleep stint the world starts to fade away rather quickly. There is only so much 3 1&1/2 ounce cups of vending machine coffee can do for you, before you drop to the floor to pray for Tom and Balash to arrive. And they did eventually, I'm on the ground like a pauper with tunnel vision in a diabetic trance everyone starts to look like a noise artist on tour. I was just glad to see that Tom wasn't wearing a sports jacket with jeans.


Donde está Gaybomb?

Allah be praised - we've found Andrew...

Thought he was being picked up by friends. He wasn't. He then expected us to pick him up at the airport in Barcelona, but we had a very late night in Marseille and the death unit couldn't be roused from their stupor. (We arrived on the Spanish shore seven hours after his Continental flight...) Didn't know my cheap-ass $39 GMS phone couldn't receive pay-phone calls. He sent many... Gaybomb's internet access ended at 21:00, so he couldn't receive the instructions we'd sent... One absurd error after another.

But he's here, well-fed and resting, and we descend on Valencia tomorrow.

Yours Faithfully,


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