Monday, March 30, 2009

Rope Cosmetology: Rehearsals, Day #2...

Tim and I are freezing our asses off in the basement of Silke Arp Bricht, and despite the chill we've written two new songs. I have no idea if we'll be 100% ready by April 3rd, but knowing our crit-paranoiac bent we'll be riddled with at least 66.6% anxiety. The shit is good -- that's all I dare relate.

Ryan, Balazs and Feri arrive on April 1st. Complete ultra-mega fucking ur-chaos soon ensues...


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rat Soup for the Jailers Instead...

Salon contributor Glenn Greenwald has posted an illuminating account of Virginia senator Jim Webb's National Criminal Justice Commission (.pdf) proposals.

When I was studying Ethics post-grad in Georgia, an instructor took us through a rigorous week outlining the parameters (and often sickening excesses) of the "Prison-Industrial Complex."

Anyone with a scintilla of conscience should recognize efforts to reduce the size of this vile edifice as heroic.

Read Greenwald's piece here.



Saturday, March 28, 2009

Christ! I Knew He Was Lanky, But...

From "Obama unveils agenda for first overseas trip," an AP story published earlier today by Liz Sidoti, an awesome dangling participle:

"Nearly a week long, the president leaves Washington on Tuesday for London to take part in an economic summit of 20 major and developing nations that together represent more than 85 percent of the global economy."

In contrast, former Vice President Cheney was reportedly several quarts low...

Tighten Up,


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knots (Un-)Coil...

Tim Lane Seaton arrived today from Los Angeles, and so the Rope Cosmetology experiment enters its second phase.

These are very exciting times, droogs - anything can happen! Rehearsals begin soon...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Halfbacks Abut Bile Jib...


Just returned from Silke Arp Bricht where I had the pleasure of recording 45 minutes of improvised mayhem with Janin and Charles, aka Blue Sabbath Black Fiji. Yes, yes, and yes. Can't wait to do it again...

Pix, short vids, and audio are all on file.

Off to bed now,


Monday, March 23, 2009

An Absence of Energy at an Energy HQ...

Guten Tag,

I'm at work, posting through a corporate intranet as I wait on a very tardy pupil. Executives are allowed to blow off their English lessons, despite the hefty (and wholly reasonable) fee my company charges them for the service rendered. (Or, in this case, unrendered.) I get paid regardless, but it's always better to teach than not. My German improves, my English improves... No-shows are a drag. (Yes, I was late for every ethics and media class I ever took at VSU, but at least I managed to haul myself out of bed, brush a wolverine across my scalp, and take part in the inevitably absurd discussions.)

Lots of posts were written (and new mashups recorded) over the weekend, but I've been too distracted / disorganized to post them. They'll pop up, in chronological order, over the next few hours. It's cheating, I know, but I'm not writing for The Atlantic, so I can post whenever I damn well please.

Tim from Rope Cosmetology arrives in Hannover on Tuesday Wednesday afternoon for a two week stay. (Rather than moan about a too-abbreviated tour, we decided to refocus our efforts on recording a proper album, face-to-mottled-mug, and in the process prepare for the gigs in Paris and at Silke Arp Bricht.) Tim and I will be laboring over texts, rhythmic beds, etc. Can't wait to get into gear!

Updates to the TLASILA web, the Karl Schmidt Verlag page, and the Rope Cosmetology profile have all been posted. Much more material is in the works and will follow shortly...

Pit Noack and I made several hours of Three Resurrected Drunkards recordings on Friday at Silke. I'll upload photos from the sessions with the accompanying post that I've written but not yet midwived...

Hope all of you are well.



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Re: TS - LRRH im Schimmel

As of seven minutes ago, KSV 014 is SOLD OUT.

Many thanks for your kind support!

(TS - LRRH im Schimmel, available no more...)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stars Convene to Misalign...

The CP and I were joined last night for a convivial, beery repast by Tobi Prinz, his toothsome gal Pia, multimedia artist Aenne Langhorst, and Siggi Sigmarsson (from the ever-demented Stilluppsteypa). Our kitchen was dimly lit, so most of the pix I took resembled variegated swathes of grim doom. The image presented below, however, turned out sorta kinda well.

(L to R: Siggi, an obscured Pia, und Herr P. Click for a larger version of the image.)

Please join us next time,


Friday, March 13, 2009

Contrails Lace the Sky...

I first noticed them after I'd left my employer's office on Langensalzastraße. Jets were threading the azur expanse above with tightly coiled plumes.

As I entered the U-Bahn at Waterloo, the lower left tendril of a swollen "X" sliced the sky.

But the best was yet to come. On my way to the Real market on Davenstedterstraße, perfectly framed by the wall of flats on the right, bisected by tram lines and backlit by the waning sun, six shafts of crystalline vapor.

It doesn't take much to please me, I suppose, but this display topped off an already terrific day. Winter is cowering...


Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Frau Koma kommt..."


Two New Pix from Three Resurrected Drunkards Perf #2...

Photos courtesy of Jan from Bremen's excellent Doombruder.

(Pit Noack, Three Resurrected Drunkards, live at Silke Arp Bricht, Hannover, March 6, 2009.)

(TS, Three Resurrected Drunkards, live at Silke Arp Bricht, Hannover, March 6, 2009.)

Vielen dank, J!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sitting on the sofa, eating a slice of fresh (yummmmmmm) bread, thinking about my fifth full month abroad and how I can't now imagine returning to the States under any set of circumstances, save those presented by a serious family emergency (or special celebration), or a tour. Germany isn't Bali, but neither is it West Fuckville, USA. This place has its tendrils about me, and, as my friends are painfully aware, I enjoy a good slow squeeze...

I yearn to use German more often, to master it, or at least wrestle it to the ground with some measure of fluency. At present, any local two-year-old knows more than I.

And, most of all, I want to belong. It's a strange goddamned transition, but it's happening, and it won't be stopped. It's affecting the course of my music, my posture, the turbidity of my dreams. I can look CP square in the eye and tell her I love her without a shred of dobut. It's just fucking lovely here, despite expected urban flecks of squalor, incivility, or inequality.

Ma, I love ya, but I won't be over for lemon cake on Sunday...


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

KSV Tally to Date...


Many of the Karl Schmidt Verlag releases from December and January are either sold out or nearing extinction. Take note:

KSV 001 TLASILA - Konstriktion und Narzissmus


KSV 002 Analog Suicide / Hull Curve - Live at Pit's Salon

2 copies left!

KSV 003 Brüning/Schuhmacher/Schmidt - Extrakte und Deformationen


KSV 004 Tom Smith - Limmerstrasse Vol. 1


KSV 005 Tom Smith & Pit Noack - Lange Pause, dann noch eine Zigarette

3 copies left!

KSV 006 Karl Schmidt - Remediated and Decontectualized Field Recordings Vol. 1

4 copies left!

KSV 007 Azul-Cobalto - Patrocínio e Inibição

SOLD OUT (Strange, as this was one of our more aggressively abstract titles... Of course, many thanks!)

KSV 008 Carlos António Silva - Lissabon Lieder

3 copies left!

KSV 009 Karl & die Leidenschaften - Unnötigerweise Auto-Getunete Klassiker

3 copies left!

KSV 010 Tom Smith - Vampire Weekend Is a Timeshare in Secaucus


KSV 011 Rope Cosmetology - Discoteca Festival


KSV 013 Und Andere - 31. Januar

Should be around until mid-April...

KSV 014 TS - LRRH im Schimmel

Only 6 left! Our fastest seller to date!

KSV 015 Unbeabsichtigte Begleiter - Salon 6. Februar

Plenty in stock. This title is esoteric even by our rarified standards...

KSV 016 Drei Leselampe für ein Hallelujah - Ich tanze Go-Go

Purchase with confidence. This one looks to loiter in the virtual ledger through the end of April...


Sincere, grateful thanks to anyone who has ordered, listened to, critiqued, trashed, or slowly, tremulously licked these recordings.



Monday, March 09, 2009

This Wouldn't Have Been Good...

"'Roid Rages Past Earth."

A near-miss is chronicled...

Three New Releases on Karl Schmidt Verlag!

Dear Droogs,

Here are the latest communiques from Karl Schmidt Verlag. You know what to do...

KSV 014 TS - LRRH im Schimmel (CDR)

Herr Smith obsessively intones Sam the Sham's "Little Red Riding Hood" as wind whistles through a open bathroom window...

01 LRRH im Schimmel (52:53)

Recorded, performed. mixed and produced by TS at KSV HQ, Hannover, February 2009.

Sleeve by Prolegomenon.

Edition of 15.


KSV 015 Unbeabsichtigte Begleiter - Salon 6. Februar (CDR)

Volker Zander - solo contrabass
U.A. - inadvertent and unintended sound

01 6. Februar (27:47)
02 Auto-Tuned, Partially Crushed, with Rain Gutter (18:36)
03 Staggered Blackout Overlay (27:47)

Recorded by Karl Schmidt at Salon Noack, Hannover, February 6, 2009.

Music composed and performed by V.Z.

Edited, mixed and produced by K.S.

Sleeve by D. Meier.

Edition of 15.


KSV 016 Drei Leselampen für ein Hallelujah - Ich tanze Go-Go (CDR)

Permutated texts extracted from Go-Go: Neue Schönhauser Neun, Falk Richwien’s newly-published memoir of life in early 1990s Berlin.

01 Ich tanze Go-Go (55:13)

Read by: Sabine Olk, Olaf Jenk, and Claudia Franke.

Written and directed by Falk Richwien.

Recorded at Silke Arp Bricht, Hannover, on February 11, 2009.
Edited, mixed and produced by Karl Schmidt.

Sleeve by The Fourfold Root.

Edition of 20.



€ 7.49 within the EU, €9 outside the EU. Postage paid. Add €1 for each additional album.

So, one disc ordered from Portugal = € 7.49. Two discs ordered from the USA = € 19. Three discs ordered from China = € 29. Four ordered from France = € 32.96. Et cetera...

PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com



KSV 012 Aenne & Yr Langhorst - Hammond Studies

KSV 017 Female Reggae Showcase - Kid Traumgekrönt/U-Hölderlin Super-Clash!

(New duo project comprising TLASILA vets Chris Grier and Tom Smith!)

KSV 018 Feinkost Lampe: 26 Februar (RK2 vs. Liondialer)

KSV 019 Three Resurrected Drunkards - Begriffsschrift 1999!

KSV 020 Rope Cosmetology - Spezial: Gedankengefüge (Compound Thought)

(Second full-length album!)


Hang loosely,


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ooooooooh... The Ache Is a Rake...

Silly Art Fick #23 at Silke Arp Blicht was a kick in the haphazardly trimmed trews, a blackout to remember.

First up was Audible Pain, a grim-visaged cabal whose woeful handle promised little more than trillionth-generation regurgitations of long-desanguinated themes. An exceptional rumbling passage put lie to the prognostication, but bracketing groans and middling shrieks reinforced suspicions. The audience offered a collective cough of approval, however, and A-Pain did another lap around the chop shop...

Bohrmaschine Privat presented a more agreeable set of criteria. Twelve computer-controlled power drills, mounted on armatures, were routed through a mixer and coaxed through a series of miniatures. Technical problems foiled intent, but the larger point was successfully made. Nice...

Pit and I performed as Three Resurrected Drunkards for the first time, although this was our second gig as a duo. We ran through four compositions: "Bluebeard Gives the Key to His Wife," "Prohibitionally Yours" (both of which were assayed in December), a new piece, "No Curtain Now/Then," and a version of Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs' "Little Red Riding Hood" that replaced the original's 60s Mex-Tex stomp with Herr Noack's manipulated cassette abstractions. The melody survived our attack on its territorial integrity.

(See Karl Schmidt Verlag 014 for another set of ruminations on the song.)

Lastly, the fine Doombruder. Plying a variation of Harry Pussy's early '93 trade, the Bremen duo soared for an hour, then crashed on approach. Afterwards, the scarred air marshals tucked into a 40-year-old port, which was kindly shared with yours truly...

Claudia spun NDW (and tangentially related) discs at the beginning of the evening, and I took over around 1:00 with a dubstep set that ended around 5:40. CP fed me vodka all night, so by the time I'd doubled back to Heavens Gate HQ I was well deep-fried. We hopped a cab, stumbled into our flat, and sank without a trace...

Now? My pores are weeping caustic lime. Life rarely gets better...


Friday, March 06, 2009

Three Resurrected Drunkards (u.a.) Tonight!

This should be one helluva good gig. Shake the rest of the dough from your 401k, empty your roommate's change jar, sell your ass to a greasy perv via Craigslist, whatever it takes, and meet us at Silke Arp Bricht at midnight...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

It Doesn't Get Much Sexier Than Tresckowstrasse...

Don't get me wrong - I love my job. It's just that the suburbs of Hannover are too goddamned stimulating.

Of course, these desolate swathes still beat the fuck out of torpid homegrown sprawl. You haven't been pronounced dead by an asthmatic coroner until you've slithered through the sociology section of the Books-A-Million outlet in Valdosta, Georgia...

Corporate conference rooms are bleak by definition, but at least here in Germany the fruit juices are fresh...

Sweet Satan,


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Regarding John Yoo and the Bush DOJ...

Naomi Wolf's "John Yoo's Legal Groundwork for the Possible Subversion of Liberty That US Citizens Narrowly Averted" is essential reading, despite its ungainly title. You'll need a cup of strong black coffee for this one, or, better yet, a defibrillator...


Monday, March 02, 2009

Re: Jean Eustache...

As soon as you're able, see this movie. Take two nights and savor every frame...

Read something about its director, and learn something more about the film...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Vultures Circle Above Ground Zero...

Rope Cosmetology's debut tour is in very bad shape, and we're nearer to pulling the plug than not. It just stinks, as this is a fantastic lineup, on a par with OHNE, albeit coming from a clump of genetic material guaranteeing a predisposition for improvisation rather than employing egg timers to define set lengths and submerging contact mics in buckets of water.

Another gig fell through yesterday, and of the five we have, three are separated by vast empty stretches. Our friends have been incredibly generous (we have a live space, an engineer, and a flat at our disposal for pre-tour rehearsals), but without gigs, we're dead before we begin. No way to pay for the van. No money for fuel. No margin for any sort of error...

We'll know by the end of the week whether we move forward, or cancel everything, and try again some other time.


Happy New Year from the Harz...

Hello Droogs, Happy 2019! I‘m in the Harz region of Germany, enjoying a three-day getaway to cap off an eventful year, one marked by celeb...