Thursday, April 06, 2006

Back from the Land of the Famished...

Sorry about the recent extended absence, but I've been both swamped at school and tethered after classes to the newly launched TLASILA MySpace page... Yeah, I know, it's sex predation central, but WE'VE GOT 18 FRIENDS!!!

Otherwise, there's much to report. I'll get to some of it later today.

Lastly, I finally caught up with Mark Shellhaas from Peach of Immortality! He's doing well. (We're hatching plans...)

My 50th birthday falls on the 10th. Since Mondays are awful for Dionysian blow-outs, we're throwing the first party in Atlanta on Saturday the 8th. (First? There's gotta be more than one fete, as my closest pals are scattered across the planet.) Pics and other embarrassments will be posted here as soon as the Rohypnol wears off.

New mp3 posts? Coming VERY SOON.



Brothel Fibrin...

Thomas Fehlmann and Gudrun Gut on the Birth of Berlin Techno and Life Beyond the Wall We approve. Read the piece in Sleek .