Tuesday, September 11, 2007

An Intervention...

(Amended September 11, 2007. The original archive was deleted after I discovered coding irregularities; the eight tracks - remixed again late on the 10th - were uploaded early this morning. Thus, this is version two of the Original Doll/Art Ensemble/Tarkus post.)

Earlier today I intercepted eight tracks from the forthcoming (and as-yet-untitled) Britney Spears album.* A few of the songs seem unfinished ("Baby Boy" especially), but the majority appear to have received the usual dollop of high-dollar (albeit obdurately 'n' B-squad-derived) gloss. Joni Mitchell won't be quaking in her Earth Shoes, but then "Big Yellow Taxi" is no "Oops!... I Did It Again." Reverse caveats noted, the music isn't terribly inspiring, despite inherent malignancies. If Brit really earns $767,000 per month, shouldn't she be able to fucking buy George Martin? Chris Thomas? Genya Raven? The girl needs help, plain and simple.

You're all doubtless aware of Ms. Spears' performance at last evening's VMA kudocast...

I propose Britney dump the woeful drip-hop tropes and drive the Escalade into less familiar culverts.

*(The new album - at least according to the information encoded into the mp3s I downloaded - appears to be titled Original Doll. For the purposes of this intervention, I have used that designation.)


TLASILA - Original Doll vs. Art Ensemble of Chicago & Tarkus

Wherein the ACoE's brilliant The Spiritual and the eponymous debut platter of our favorite early 70s Peruvian psych freaks come to the aid of Ms. Spears' fifth compendium.

The songs:

01 Baby Boy
02 Been a While
03 Cold as Fire
04 Everybody
05 Gimme More
06 Got Me High
07 Heaven on Earth
08 It Feels Nice

Hastily assembled by yours truly at TLASILA's Western Blot HQ on September 10, 2007.


(64.8 MB, ripped @ 320. Counselors are standing by.)



Pray for Clarity,


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