Thursday, July 30, 2009

KSV Updated Update!

Hi Again,

It's been a mad work week, and I've still one day to go. Exhaustion has become my fuel, and the darker circles around the sunken sockets of my once-sparkling orbs provide a beacon for wraiths and nightgaunts. I feel like a million Euros (that have been soaked in caustic lye)...

On to business: each of our previously issued releases is now SOLD OUT. We have a few copies of some of the more recent titles reserved for our distributor, Tochnit Aleph, but apart from those, everything is gone.

Many thanks to our regulars and occasional passersby for your very kind support.

Coming August 1: the debut album by Female Reggae Showcase (KSV 017), and (this is new, by the way), on August 5, the debut platter by Maude (KSV 036).

Thanks as always for your illuminating emails. The instant feedback is always appreciated!

Yours Faithfully,


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