Sunday, April 13, 2008

Selected Photos from Tilberg and Rotterdam...

Aandacht! Achtung!

(All pix by TS.)

(Steffan from Staplefahrer with Joke Lanz at the Central Station, Tilburg, Netherlands.)

(This ain't Photoshopped. Thousands upon thousands of bicycles clog parking lots throughout Holland; these were snapped outside Tilburg Central Station. By contrast, the car lot held maybe 25 vehicles. Of course, The Netherlands are flat, and thus less of a challenge for riders. We've nonetheless much to learn from our innovative Dutch peers.)

(Not a great Chinese restaurant, but perhaps the best wall menu in all of Rotterdam. Click above for a much larger image...)

(Sudden Infant in action at WORM, Rotterdam, 13 April 08.)

(The table. Note Steffan's instrument, a jar of corn nuggets amplified by a contact microphone. It sounded like Xenakis to me, so there ya go...)

(WORM prepared a video program to accompany our performance; here is but one frame of the three-minute loop.)

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