Monday, August 28, 2006

Horoscopo Tour: Day -1 Continued...

Made it to Atlanta... We nab the seven-seater five hours from now, shake off the sleep dust, and peel out onto I-95 for the trip to retrieve Grier in DC. If the NJ Turnpike is at all forgiving we should be convulsed atop AWK's stoop before midnight. Rehearsals kick into gear on the 29th. Wish all of you could ride up with us, but customs regulations forbid transporting 2,815 blood-soaked aesthetes across borders in a fam-sized van. Oh fucking well... The new alb looks (and tastes) great; neue t-shirt ditto!

Cotton-mouthed, I remain,


<i>Approach to Fear: Regeneration</i> in the News!

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