Friday, October 20, 2017

Shitty Minx Lotto...

Tiny Mix Tapes has just published a very nice piece about Approach to Fear: Regeneration. Check it out and get your orders in before the phys copies ship. (Note: the title was inspired neither by 80s Wizard Video box art nor direct-to-DVD tropes but by a series of similarly-yclept photo assemblages by the late and way great Alexis Hunter. Just so’s you know.)

From the article:

"But now that we’ve met all the characters, gotten through all the bullshit exposition, and planted our Chekhov’s gun, let me drop the first major jump scare on you: oooooooonly 100 copiiiiiies of this bad boy will be available in the first ruuuuuuuun! That’s right, ONE-HUNDRED COPIES (I told you it’d get spooky!). So start getting in those pre-orders over at Bandcamp, where you can also read the entire list of contributors because, I’m sorry, but I’m not typing that out."

To Live and Shave in L.A.: Ireland September 2018!

Hi all, We're heading over to Eire at the end of next month to perform in four cities. Along for the ride with Rat Bastard and myse...