Sunday, August 06, 2006

PS 14, Miami, September 5: Dino Felipe/Ha Ha Help

Hola Mamita!

Still in South Beach, visiting with Rat and Veronica at the Laundryroom. Great evening out last night - we went to PS 14 to catch Dino Felipe and Ha Ha Help strain against the proletariat trappings of 80s nostalgia. Bromides are often planted in the textual periphery of the MIA u'ground, but our protagonists refuted fish fingers.

Kind of a neutral space, a billiards table near the front, small bar, a few sofas with early 90s (faux-faux deco) design flourishes, narrow box of a stage, a disc attendant standing half-forlornly adjacent to the courtyard exit (where another jock, one DJ Hot Pants, a local exemplar trading and rather blankly resplendent in beige period tack, held dozens in thrall with hoary Hall & Oates 12" mixes).

The unnamed staff DJ was surely grunting astride the riser; although one must admit that hearing Berlin and Depeche Mode in certain settings (and in proper dosages) works wonders with endorphine distribution, an ill-posited Motown medley and the obligatory Smiths O² snuffer brought (mild) happiness to a skittering standstill.

Jeff Rollason (Curious Hair) was along for the ride, and he accorded Ha Ha Help his highest, least alcohol-addled recommendation. The exhilarating gutter-fi duo failed to disappoint.

(Ha Ha Help: Ryan, left, and Rick, aka Leon , right. All snaps from TS's Razr phonecam.)

Crazed falsetto sparrow beats embellished with burn makeup and hungover three-string skritch... Perfect. The duo were unhappy with their performance (they experienced a series of tech mishaps), but from the perspective of this first-timer, I saw no wrong. Rat is expected to record them, and I look forward to new howls from the miscegenation generation.

(HHH look into the void and find it wanting.)

Dino was kind enough to introduce himself prior to the start of the festivities; he began by asking me about the Duotron vs. Tom Smith album, and I liked the little guy straight away. I may be doing some mastering for one of his forthcoming releases, and we spoke about embarking on a future collaboration. Turns out he's big into Dave Phillips/Rudolf Gruppe/R&G, so the blab quickly turned to Ohne, the pending TLASILA albums, etc. He gave Rat and I copies of his three most recent recordings... Sweet!

The Felipe cabal began their set somewhat tentatively, but as the performance progressed piercing shards ripped through the rickety karaoke gauze, and hellbroth was guzzled by the modest but tightly-pressed audience.

(DF4, gnawing the sonic tendon in 9/16 time.)

In the end, a seldom seen, oddly insistent strain of chaos was loosed. Another goddamned winner.

(Fluttering bone meal and shards of waistcoat pie... More from Dino Felipe.)

(DF, working the Glynnis O'Connor vibe...)

Also finally met Otto Von Schirach; he's agreed to take a Noon track on a death ride for the 2007 remix project. Cool fucking cucumber.

(TS, left, OVS, right; pixelated snap by Oly.)

That's all for now; back at HQ Tuesday.



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