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Soundcloud TLASILA: New Cortege Preview (Re-)Mix

Hi All,

Our Soundcloud page is up and palpitating. There'll be TLASILA tracks, KSV previews, TS solo stuff, Rope Cosmetology material, OHNE fetish items, etc.

As for now, go here.



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Modal Renunciation #34

We're ignore we Fire's the that what's but the -- crossed we neglected...


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Modal Renunciation #33

Arcade been Arcade the now, egregiously...

Third and final renunciation series of sixteen begins today...


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Modal Renunciation #29

Could it level, however? Write, however? (Day several of cause while, above.)


RIP Jimmy Sangster...

Jimmy Sangster, the much-loved screenwriter oft-employed by Hammer (he wrote dozens of their films, ranging from the Cushing/Lee classics to oddities like The Snorkle) and director (Lust for a Vampire, The Horror of Frankenstein) died on the 19th at the age of 83...

NYT obit here. Guardian, here.

Requiescat in pace...


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Modal Renunciation #28

Desires illegible. Stacks. I’m unable, I’m unable...


Christian Galarreta: Oberdeck, Friday, August 19...

Hello All,

Peruvian musician Christian Galarreta performed a very intriguing set of manipulated magnetic resonances last evening at the Oberdeck here in Hannover. Superb in all respects.

He's staying here at KSV HQ through Sunday evening. Expect a release of his performance in the next week or so on the Verlag, and a duo collaboration with yours truly in the months ahead. We have a recording session later in the evening...

As for now, dead tired. I DJed until four in the morning. Nothing left but ashes.



Friday, August 19, 2011

Modal Renunciation #27

Compound agency is father's control...


RIP Raúl Ruiz...

The great Raúl Ruiz has passed away at 70. His contribution to cinema was immense...

(Palomita blanca, 1971)

From SMz:

"Rising to international prominence in the early 1980s, Raúl Ruiz has proved one of the most exciting and innovative filmmakers of recent years, providing more intellectual fun and artistic experimentation, shot for shot, than any filmmaker since Jean-Luc Godard.

Slashing his way through celluloid with machete-sharp sounds and images, Ruiz is a guerrilla who uncompromisingly assaults the preconceptions of film art. This frightfully prolific figure--he has made over 50 films in twenty years--does not adhere to any one style of filmmaking. He has worked in 35mm, 16mm and video, for theatrical release and for European TV, and on documentary and fiction features.

(L'hypothèse du tableau volé, 1979)

Ruiz's career began in the avant-garde theater where, from 1956 to 1962, he wrote over 100 plays. Although he never directed any of these productions, he did dabble in filmmaking in 1960 and 1964 with two short, unfinished films. In 1968, with the release of his first completed feature, Tres tristes tigres (1968), Ruiz, along with Miguel Littin and Aldo Francia, was placed in the forefront of Chilean film.

A committed leftist who supported the Marxist government of Salvador Allende, Ruiz was forced to flee his country during the fascist coup of 1973. Living in exile in Paris since that time, he has found a forum for his ideas in European TV. His first great European success came with Hypothèse du tableau volé, L' (1978); a puzzling black-and-white film adapted from a novel by Pierre Klossowski, constructed in a tableaux vivants style that tells the enigmatic story of a missing 19th-century painting.

Influenced by the fabulist tradition that runs through much Latin American literature (Gabriel García Márquez, Jorge Luis Borges, and Alfonso Reyes have all been cited as influences), Ruiz is a poet of fantastic images whose films slip effortlessly from reality to imagination and back again. A manipulator of wild, intellectual games in which the rules are forever changing, Ruiz's techniques are as varied as film itself--a collection of odd Wellesian angles and close-ups, bewildering p.o.v. shots, dazzling colors, and labyrinthine narratives which weave and dodge the viewer's grasp with every shot.

(Image de sable, 1981)

As original as Ruiz is, one can tell much about him by the diversity of his influences; in addition to adapting Klossowski, he has been inspired by Franz Kafka (Colonia penal, La (1970) is a Chilean reworking of The Penal Colony), Racine (Bérénice (1983)), Calderon (Mémoire des apparences (1986)), Shakespeare (Richard III (1986)), Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island (1985)), Orson Welles (whose F for Fake is a precursor of The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting, 1978), and Hollywood B movies (Roger Corman was executive producer on The Territory (1981)).

(Le Domaine perdu, 2005)

Like Godard (whom Ruiz names as an early influence and who also owes a debt to B films), Ruiz makes no differentiation between the "high art" of Racine or Calderon and the "low art" of Roger Corman. Unfortunately, only a handful of Ruiz's films are available for viewing in the US, and it is on these few films that his reputation here is built. The few works that are available, however, bear witness to the genius that informs his entire body of work."

(Tres tristes tigres, 1968)


Rest well, Maestro.

NYT obituary here. Also, check this entertaining profile of Ruiz written by the Times' A.O. Scott less than a month ago...


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Via WFMU Blog...

Hello Everyone,

Blogger Paul Haney, a contributor to the always-sterling WFMU Blog, has posted a piece on my post-Boat Of, pre-TLASILA aggregation Peach of Immortality.

Cheers, Paul! (And thanks also to M.P. Lockwood, another frequent WFMU Blog contributor, who alerted me to the post.)

Find it here.



Modal Renunciation #21

Have animals, the rock stuff, the pop-to-stuff, the most glass?


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Modal Renunciation #20

Country make only documented country! Whereas, music be country newspapers!


Just in from Fan Death...

Guten Abend,

Fan Death have revised their release date for the vinyl version of TLASILA's The Cortège.


The rest is up to you!


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Update 20110804

(Amended crosspost from F'book.)

Update: Working a lot, explaining inverted conditionals and past perfect tenses to energy execs. Pretty sizable feature on me coming soon in Testcard, covering "career," KSV, etc. Possible (proper) Rope Cosmetology alb in the works. Possible Kevin Drumm/Tom Smith vinyl alb from recent tour as well. TLASILA Cortege vinyl and CD out very soon
. Illustrated To Live and Shave in L.A. book on the way as well. A living, chortling fuckload of releases extant and forthcoming via KSV. What else? Can't recall at the moment...


TLASILA 2011 Hybrids #216

Hysteria Streeters,

Despairing Americans see cheap, sad. Businesses record low-class...

Palley Prospect,




(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

Edited, mixed and produced by TS at KSV HQ, Hannover, on August 4, 2011.

01 216 (17:09)

Sleeve by Karl.

Vielen Dank!

Modal Renunciation #12

Distinguished endowment; letters held letters...


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Günter Brus zum 50!

Dear Droogs,

Reckon you'd prefer the following to Arcade Fire...

Günter Brus - Günter Brus zum 50. Geburtstag Überreicht vom 1. Deutschen Trivialeum: Panisches Liederbuch (Dichtung und Musik)

(Released by Die Taubosel as DT 1 (12" LP), 1988. Very limited edition, long gone. My rip from my copy, which sits forlornly Stateside. Rudolf Eb.er has a copy too, and I made a cassette dupe of his at Dave Phillips' flat when OHNE were on tour in 2002. My German was non-existent then, but Brus' voice was nonetheless consoling...)

Dichtung von Günter Brus aus der Jahren 1973-1988. Konzeption / produktion / regie: Arnulf und Franziska Meifert. Sprecher: Arnulf Meifert. Recorded at P&P Tonstudio, Regensburg, sommer 1988.

TT: 45:23; 108 MB ripped @ 320. Additional information and scans (not my own) enclosed in the archive.

Get it here.



Actual Progress...

Hello All,

I have a 5:30 wake-up and need to be dozing soon, so a quick note before lights out: I've completed the 72 Hours restoration, and thus one of the remaining obstacles to a faster, more responsive KSV has been removed. I might even make it available again, but probably only in the two-disc iteration, minus the book. Or, you tell me what you prefer. At any rate, the logjam has been cleared. Still have a lot of catching up to do, of course, but ETC ETC ETC.

Yours Faithfully,


Modal Renunciation #11

Selected for prose, then award, then work, work!


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Happy New Year from the Harz...

Hello Droogs, Happy 2019! I‘m in the Harz region of Germany, enjoying a three-day getaway to cap off an eventful year, one marked by celeb...