Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TS-Related Semi-Rarities, Part 2

(Downloads expired May 12, 2006; files have been removed. Thanks for listening, sharing...)

Om Myth, Nondor Nevai and Fred Ware III - Without the "C": October 5, 1996 (Gods of Tundra CD-R, 2001)


This one's particularly sad. While waiting for (the great, and greatly troubled) Nondor Nevai to arrive at my Atlanta crib in the autumn of '96 for a week-long recording/nitrous oxide sabbatical, brill pal Fred Ware 3 relayed a notice he'd found in a local rag's m'zak menu regarding Blue Öyster Cult having agreed to headline a fucking chili cook-off (I shit ye not) at Stone Mountain Park (the woeful home of Earth's largest sculptural pean to the Confederate States of America). This we naturally had to witness; Without the "C" was the document of that $6 adventure...

Released through the aegis of Gods of Tundra in early 2001, and withdrawn shortly thereafter.

TS, NN, FW3 - recording device, palaver. Fairly low-fi throughout, save for the Introduction...

01 Introduction to Futility

02 Approach

03 Horrors I

04 Horrors II

05 Retreat

File size: 93.6 MB / Ripped at 192 kbps / Total time: 68:07

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50 Is the New Ethnographic Avalanche...

Well, I'm definitely on the flip side of human existence, and I'm not at all afraid. Vain? Definitely. Absurd? Profoundly so. Thwarted and occasionally pummeled by various demons? Mais oui. Frightened of the inevitable? I will stride toward inevitable and stick my tongue down its throat. We are all ultimately nothing, so what's to lose?


Snaps from the birthday celebration (and bleary day after):

(TS and Rat, Atlanta, April 8, 2006; photo by C2.)

(The gifts begin to mount - this cache held particularly sapid treats.)

(TS, blind drunk but suave at the b'day dinner...)

(This is what 50 looks like, kids. Self-portrait, April 10, 1956.)

Happy New Year from the Harz...

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