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TLASILA Flood: Live, WFMU, Jersey City, NJ, September 19, 2004

Hello Again,

Here's the next in our series of reposts of fleeting, early '06 uploads. Originally only available for 24 hours, the bloody feeding frenzy may now be extended...


To Live and Shave in L.A. -
Live Studio Session, WFMU, Jersey City, NJ, September 19, 2004.


This was the final date of our God and Country Rally! trek, and although a certain vocalist's pipes were fairly corroded, we made it through the session intact.

(Pristine windows recall the mimetic purity of TLASILA's glorious texts; to prove the assertion, TS fingers a semiquaver. There oughta be a law.)

These tracks weren't ripped from the broadcast feed of the 21st, nor were they snagged from WFMU's archival stream.

No, what we're vomiting up for you here are the original studio takes, remastered to an obsidian sheen. (More or less.)

(The interview segments aired were recorded hours after the session, so you won't find any of that stuff here. Those of you desirous of our golden gab must make do with the b'cast version.)

(Rat's patented come-thither leer never fails...)

Gruppe: Rat Bastard, Ben Wolcott, Mark Morgan, Don Fleming, Andrew W.K., Chris Grier (in his 2004 capacity as majordomo), and TS.

(Fucked-out, disoriented, the band pass a motion to NONETHELESS TAKE IT TO THE STREETS! Or, fly home and weep.)

(CG in repose... You'll be privvy to his departure for the Crack City Express should you elect to download.)

Session engineered by Gil Shuster. Your WFMU host for the September 21st broadcast? Mr. Brian Turner.

Performances are shambolic throughout, but we didn't expect to turn prog between Providence and Greenwich. Our ebullience was stoked by fata morganas of impending rest and 6th Street curry... We managed to record the live set, thereafter deigning to let it lie. That seemed more than sufficient. Internal verdict? We dug the wreckage.


01 Row Houses

02 Dignity Overnight

03 studio palaver

04 Black Girl

05 more studio blather

06 Pictures at an Exhibition

07 Eco Village Woman


Share and share alike!

(103 MB, total running time 45:23, ripped at 320 kbps, compressed to two RAR files.)

Part 1 / Part 2




Friday, March 30, 2007

Birthy Half-Day Deadly Spawn!

My son, my lil' doppleganger, Evan, turns 25 today.


He's stationed in Iraq. (He volunteered.)

My heart bleeds...

Can't wait to see you, bro.


Papa Legba


(Evan, checking out a Turkish guide book at his grandmother's Central Florida hacieda in the days prior to my Mediterranean holiday of '05... We're rather shockingly similar in that we love to wander, love to read while wandering, would prefer our libraries walk away from us while we're perusing their contents, etc. Bookworms bound by extrusive genetics.)

(A father's love for a son, expressed through shrei-opera. Evan resists the urge to applaud.)

(Standing to the left of his Iraqi counterpart, my son introduces Freedom Snuff to the Euphrates...)

TLASILA Flood: "Free Agency of Electron," Radio Belarus, April 18, 2002

Here's the first in our new, infrequently recurring series of TLASILA rarities from the "Blinked/Missed It" archive. Originally posted in early '06, and only available for 24 hours, these files await your holy liver spots and subservient twitches...


"To Live and Shave in L.A.," broadcast April 18, 2002 on episode 30 of Radio Belarus' Free Agency of Electron program.

The host was Dimitri Kolesnik.

Broadcast language: Belarusian (almost identical to Russian).

(Comrade Kolesnik is pictured above introducing OHNE at Minsk's Buddah Bar in May, 2002. Reto Mader and Dave Philips can be seen in the background, left to right.)


(136 MB, approximately 60 minutes in length, ripped at 320 kbps, compressed into two RAR files.)

Part 1 / Part 2


Don't sleep on it,


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Test Card 10

A parting stereo shot from the INC testcard brigade...

(Lauren's heavenly rack, protected from harm (and the errant pearl necklace) by the saints themselves... Proof that all avant-garde deities love awesome free-improv titties.)

Test Card 09

Back to the INC...

(The Grey Angel himself, Patrick Spurlock, non plussed as ever outside Churchill's, Little Haiti, during the INC. He was offered at least one blowjob per half-hour by the crack whores stumbling across the street from Walgreens... Sly dog.That he only accepted seven of the invites speaks to his undying love for his girlfriend Alethea. Of course, then there's the other girlfriend, the mysterious "PJ," but Patrick's been uncharacteristically mum on that subject... "Keeping my bitches in line," said PS...)

Test Card 08

Breaking off from the INC pix...

(Rat and Grier, on stage somewhere during the TLASILRS tour, December 2006.)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Test Card 03

(Your moderator, drifting, at the university library in April 2006. Stress beginning to topple the edifice... Photo by Paola, with thanks.)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Test Card 02

(My son, Evan Smith, at breakfast last year in Atlanta. He has his father's pensiveness down.)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Test Card 01

Many complaints about the size and frequency of uploads, Rapidshare's restrictions, etc.

(If you think this blog is severe, you obviously haven't visited Mutant Sounds.)

We've analyzed your gripes at HQ, and for the next week we'll post naught but static images. Catch up already.



(I love this Sightings logo/illustration by Aida Ruilova...)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Someone Demanded a Fitting Room... (aria)

(Amended from original post.)

It was a frantic, albeit Ambien-filtered weekend. We got a lot of work done, and one of us was groggy throughout...

404 Noise, Eyedrum, Atlanta, March 17, 2007

I got there quite purposely late, just after midnight. The damned fest had been wheezing along since 5 PM... Graham Moore and I were supposed to have performed as a trio with recent TLASILA draftee Andy Barranca, but the latter wouldn't have arrived in time from Charleston for any sort of rehearsal. Plan Z was thus put into effect...

As I walked through the gallery entrance, I heard a muffled shuffling in the distance, an enervated series of sounds akin to those produced by a 1994 Dodge minivan inching through the terminal rinse run of a Citgo car wash adjacent to a Days Inn near the Kansas-Nebraska border.

Turns out it was J****e's set... (Hate to hate, but truth must be told.)

Naturally, I preferred hanging with GM and the Bobbster up front...

Someone finally had the sense to switch off the CD that had been blaring on the main stage. Years passed... The floor was at last ceded to unremunerated co-headliner Gaybomb, who excited, perplexed, and irritated the remaining punters in short order. Probably the best Barranca set I've yet witnessed.

(Black Meat, running Quicken Books through an old Sinclair ZX81... Who says accountancy couldn't be sexy?)

(The Bobbster and Bridgett, running fest black ops with customary zeal.)

(Some old dude wanders in off the street looking for pomade, instead washes ashore at the Blossoming Noise merch table. GM tries not to look askance.)

(Gaybomb, ripping up Eyedrum with the a very wicked card reader.)

(The Atlanta scene.)

TLASILA tracking, March 17-19, 2007

We recorded over three hours of Shavian titanium sludge at Blossoming Noise HQ, the majority of which will likely emerge, following the accustomed post-prod ablutions, within the curio-strewn dividers of our forthcoming 7xCD3 box on Melted Mailbox.

(A typical death platter on Blossoming studio steel. Genesis are the new Magical Power Mako.)

(This Califone blur makes my eyes bleed voice mail.)

(Barranca, stimming in real time.)

(Graham puts the boot right where it belongs...)


A good weekend, smeared with just the right amount of ironic remove. Wish all of you could have been there with us. (Our Saturday search for Lawrenceville Korean vegan was especially edifying...)

Got home, watched the superb new Criterion edition of Bresson's Mouchette, then died the death.


RLW / Aube - Organized Split EP (1996)


Run wild-eyed toward your precipices...

RLW / Aube - Organzied

(1996, Meeuw Muzak mm006 10".)

Availability: out of print.)


Kant 1

01 RLW - Erased Phasings (9:41)

Kant 2

02 Aube - Embossed Phrasings (10:09)

Aube is Akifumi Nakajima; RLW is Ralf Wehowsky.


(45.4 MB, ripped from the original Meeuw Muzak vinyl at 320 kbps, and compressed to RAR.)

Get it here.


Until Later


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

DSC: Buy Pet Meds Direct!

Visit Daniel Steven Crafts here.


Daniel Steven Crafts - Soap Opera Suite / Snake Oil Symphony

(1982, Lutra Recordings LR 1001 LP.)

Side A (Soap Opera Suite)

01 The Essence of Melodrama
02 The Art of Hearing / Brief Interlude: The Woods
03 Living in Fragments
04 The Conversation / Brief Interlude: The Telephone Call
05 The "Human Condition"

Side B (Snake Oil Symphony)

01 I
02 II
03 III
04 IV
05 V
06 VI
07 VII

Recorded, edited, and produced by Daniel Steven Crafts.


About the album:

The soap opera piece simply collages untreated recordings of day time soaps as recorded from TV, so that there appears to be a linkage (emotional, plot, character, etc.) between all the fragments. The irony, though, is that this collage approach replicates the way in which soap operas work : by serialization, where anything can lead to anything else irrespective of logics or narrative codes. Soap operas actually don't have endings - they just keep going. This piece works in exactly the same way, playing with our inherent tendency to make sense of things by making connections between them. The Snake Oil piece deals with similar materials (ranting ads from TV) but this time plays more on the textures of the voices and what emotional/symbolic/semiotic effect they contribute to our experience of such vocal 'hard sells.'


The vinyl version is extant! Grab it while you may...

Someone Demanded a Fitting Room... (prelude)

But not these guys...

(Not that they shouldn't have, considering it took each more than half a minute to select and don the evening's ensemble...)

(Travis Morgan, 404 Noise festival coordinator, Black Meat brass and woodwinds.)

(Graham Moore, Blossoming Noise CFO, Black Meat pipe organ stops.)


Friday, March 16, 2007

KM/LS: Comsumer Alert!

Hi, etc.

Last month's "Turmoil" single marked a promising return to form for TLASILA HQ perennials Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, but their just-released Lost All Faith 2x12" on Defcom has made me a very happy motherfucker.

(My only complaint - why give away so much info?)

There'll be a second iteration, also with a vinyl-only bonus cut, in advance of the same-named CD later in March.

Give them your plastic, receive theirs in turn. Your life will improve. (At least in the short run.)


Thursday, March 15, 2007

TLASILA Flood: The Complete 1999 American Tour

Hello Again,

To celebrate the recent (and much-belated) X+Z=0 / ugEXPLODE release of To Live and Shave in L.A. 2's The 300 Dollar Silk Shirt album (thereby reveling in the bludgeoning glory of To Live and Shave in L.A.'s PRE (r)October 99 tour), we gleefully present for your appraisal and edification the eight public performances from that hepatitis-salted adventure.

(We're aware that nine gigs were listed on the above poster; the Cambridge, Massachusetts concert fell through at the last minute.)

Each has been newly remastered for this upload offering by yours truly. The concerts were captured by Rat Bastard using a standard stereo cassette recorder; extraneous pre-show gurgling and post-gig palaver have been removed to reduce file size. No filler, all human flesh.

(Photography by Tom Smith, except where indicated.)

To Live and Shave in L.A. - The Complete 1999 American Tour


Tom Smith - voice and texts
Rat Bastard - bass
Misty Martinez - backing vocals, provocation
Nandor Nevai - percussion, backing vocals
Weasel Walter - sax, guitar


01 October 19, 1999: Khyber Pass, Philadelphia

(Nandor, Rat and Weasel, cautiously beaming before the Khyber.)

(Breathless backstage thrills... L to R: Liz, WW, NN.)

(Mayhem ensues... L to R: WW, NN, TS. Photo by Liz Armstrong.)

(Rat and Misty, just before the body fell. This image - in cropped aspect - found its way onto the rear sleeve of the TLASILA 2 album.)

02 October 20, 1999: Speak in Tongues, Cleveland

(Sorry, no pix.)

03 October 21, 1999: Amnesia, Green Bay

(We again forgot to unpack our camera gear...)

04a October 22, 1999: WNUR-FM, Evanston

(No upload for the studio session, as it may be found - in somewhat digitally tweaked form - on the newly issued TLASILA 2 CD.)

From TLASILA's MySpace site:
Yes, the hatchet has indeed been buried, and with hearts a-flutter we are pleased to assist Mr. Weasel Walter in presenting the homage/bootleg/rebuke/hubris-pummeled freak-platter depicted above. Its latter half a WNUR-FM studio session from TLASILA's 1999 American tour, the majority of its sleeve acreage festooned with snaps from that same, blood-splattered trek, with an ever-so-slightly skewed central thesis (that Mark Morgan [Sightings], Elyse Perez [Costes, Cock ESP], and the late Gerard Klauder [dozens of warped aggregations] somehow lacked "distinction"), 300 Dollar fairly cries out for help. Despite and because of those determinedly contrary ironies it's a must-own recording and a bracing reminder that whatever you're listening to probably 1) sucks, and 2) desperately needs to be radically detourned, remixed, or immediately tossed into the nearest incinerator. Please, buy as many copies as you're able to afford, and keep these bug-eyed, Raid-huffing orphans off the mean streets of Yourtown, USA! You don't want this thug of an album wandering around your rose gardens at dusk... As for the mastermind behind TLASILA 2, well, Weasel is insane, sure, the very nonpareil of onanistic self-absorption. But he's also dead brilliant. We'll work with his crazy ass anytime, anywhere. Once in TLASILA, always in TLASILA 2...

TLASILA compositions performed at WNUR:

We ran through a four-song set. "I What Dampness Did" and "He-Farmer 'Nelson'" were written for our Commmiinnggg! and Practis'd the Black Art album; we performed them regularly from 1996 through 1999. "A Silk and Slip Plays Palest" was composed in Paris in February 1998 during our second European trek; the WNUR session marked its debut recording. The fourth song, "Ass 2 Marie Duo," was written in August 1998 for Jaws 3, the proposed duo project Weasel and I ultimately failed to bring to life. "Ass 2" was performed extensively throughout the (r)October 99 TLASILA tour.

Ever the vaudevillian, Weasel opted to sheathe the WNUR selections in period pleated hakama:

01 A Silk and Slip Plays Palest > Shub Ishmigarrab
02 I What Dampess Did > Ereshkigal
03 Ass 2 "Marie" Duo > Ustur
04 He-Farmer "Nelson" > Vermis Mysteriis

I like WW's refurbishments as much now as I did then. Both streams of thought flow into vast, turbid oceans of absurdity...

My song titles and lyrics from 1998-2000 derived from cut-ups of 75-cent porn paperbacks purchased at Chicago's Myopic Books and back issues of The Wire. (Gardens of War's "ECM the Money," actually a leftover lyric from the Jaws 3 project, was created using that admittedly grim technique.)

WW's attempts at divination (viz. "March "March" The Yoghurt, And") fail to resolve the paradigm, but are nonetheless hilarious...


WNUR Photos:

(The Rattus, in familiar repose.)

(Tom and Misty, planning a mutant family one half-lidded moue at a time... Photo by Frank Falestra.)

(Probably the best photo of the "old" Nandor you'll ever see. Madness and joy, adroitly conjoined.)

(Weepcore waning, free-glam rising, albeit semi-reluctantly...) 

04b October 22, 1999: 6 Odum, Chicago

(Photos by Richard Jaspering. We remain grateful, sir.)

(Ms. Martinez moves in for the kill...)

(Weasel... Yes.)

(A crazed fan chews through her jeans and collapses. Misty prepares the garrote as Rat sprays cover fire.)

(The horrifying spectre of free-glam. Its overt elements weren't intended as fond evocations of the bygone Roxy/Bolan/Bowie era. No, to the contrary. We wanted to damage eyeballs, to exude toxins which would render all such nostalgic associations inert...)

05 October 23, 1999: Contemporary Arts Center, Detroit

(No pix. Too bad, as it was an extraordinarily focused performance.)

06 October 24, 1999: Bug Jar, Rochester

(We didn't take photos. Apologies, etc.)

07 October 25, 1999: Fort Thunder, Providence

(Nandor, god-awful mural, SOD, aesthetic suffocation.)

(Misty, displaying the beauty of Jesus' creation, and...)

(...the little hippie RISD bitch who gave her grief for it afterwards.)

08 October 27, 1999: The Cooler, NYC

(Weasel and Tom, pumped for terminal mowdown. Photo by Liz Armstrong.)

(Rat, roaring past escape velocity. Photo by Jocelyn Shipley.)

(Classic Nandor. Snap by JS.)

(The colossi stride into the waste... My favorite photo of the tour. Image JS.)

(Free-glam apotheosis... Pic JS.)

(Misty rides the dying white rhino, as lensed by the legendary Bob Gruen. 'Nuff said.)

(Weasel, wasted, at tour's end...)



Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

(461 MB, ripped at 320 kbps, compressed to six RAR files. Total time: 211 minutes.)


Hope everyone is well.

Cheers to Weasel, Liz, Nandor, Rat, the various shutterbugs, the folks who gave us places to sleep, the staff of WNUR, and everyone who attended the performances.



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