Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TLASILA > New York City > Club Midway > 14 May 07 > Vidcaps (Pt. 2)

As promised, below please find the last batch of the screencaps derived from the video shot at NYC's Club Midway on May 14, 2007...



It's Nothing a 15-Year Run of Good Luck Couldn't Salvage...

I've just received a check from Kill Rock Stars in compensation for the trifle I cobbled together for their recent Xiu Xiu remix album.

(Thanks to Maggie, by the way.)

I'm sad to report that it's more money than I've ever made on any previous recording, and awfully close to toppling the cumulative haul on the 100-plus albums to which my befouled moniker has thus far been attached... Fuck.

I'm in need of a serious career re-think... Reckon it's too late for all that, of course. Once a dreamer, always a goddamned sleep junkie.

Doom-laden, I remain,


TLASILA > New York City > Club Midway > 14 May 07 > Vidcaps (Pt. 1)

(Photo captions added July 11, 2007.)

Below, the last batch of screengrabs from To Live and Shave in L.A.'s April-May trek through the continental USA. These were extracted from the video footage shot (under the usual miserable lighting conditions) at Club Midway on Avenue B in Manhattan.

One half will be posted this evening; the remainder will follow tomorrow.



(L to R: Don Fleming, Mark Shellhaas - obscured by shadow, as befits his rigorous demeanor - and Kelly Jamison.)

(Andrew W.K., Ben Wolcott, and TS' elbow.)

(Graham Moore and toggle controller...)

(Don, Andrew, Ben, and Tom's torso...)

(Rat Bastard. Along with Cher, cockroaches, and cut-out bin copies of An Interview with the Mitchell Brothers, a human cultural evergreen.)

(Kelly does a lightning double-take as Rat slides past...)

(With the focus on Mr. Falestra, left to right we find Mr. Wilkes-Krier, a smudged Mr. Wolcott, a hidden Monsieur Smith and Mr. Moore, his head in his work.)

(Chris Grier, Graham's mug, and Rat's right ham.)

(TS, BW, and CG.)

(Tom and Rattus...)

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