Thursday, April 12, 2007

Theodor Kotulla...

A quick reminder to get off your asses and obtain the recent Criterion edition of Robert Bresson's Mouchette.


Firstly, it's amazing, one of the master's greatest works.

Secondly, among the DVD's bonus features is director Theodor Kotulla's illuminating 1967 documentary Zum Beispiel Bresson.

(In French, Au hasard..., a matter-of-fact pun on Bresson's extraordinary 1966 feature Au hasard Balthazar. Kotulla's documentary was released with a German-language audio track; its director worked from Berlin, but was born in Poland. D'accord?)

I'd previously viewed Kotulla's 1986 drama Der Angriff, and came away from it (if memory serves) rather less than dazzled. I much prefer this behind-the-scenes look at the production of Mouchette.*

If Bresson remains a relatively unknown figure in the States, then Kotulla may just as well have been born on a kilometer-wide rock within the asteroid belt. It makes no difference - here's an opportunity to explore a different perspective. Take advantage of it.

(* I remember seeing Der Angriff in Atlanta around 1989-90. It's been a while; maybe I loved it. Regardless, I'm keen to examine more of Kotulla's oeuvre. That is, if any of it can be reasonably found! Nothing seems to be available on disc... Grumble, moan, etc.)


This Looks Like Fun...

London ICA, April 21:

Our Technicolour Dream

Calvin Lockhart, Roscoe Lee Browne, Kurt Vonnegut...

All gone. RIP, gentlemen.


Calvin Lockhart

(The one-sheet for the 1974 Amicus production of The Beast Must Die.)


Roscoe Lee Browne

(RLB, submerged, at right, in the character of "Box," the robotic food vault sentry from the idiotic, unwatchable, but still very enjoyable Logan's Run.)

(Mr. Browne, on the left, in the far less risible Topaz, directed in 1969 by Alfred Hitchcock. That's Canadian character actor and future Animal House alum John Vernon as the Castro-styled topiary...)


Kurt Vonnegut

(Billy Pilgrim, in excelsis...)

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