Saturday, August 28, 2010

TLASILA: Show Fruit (Série B) 23...

Deflected emporium rigorous...

TLASILA - Show Fruit (Série B) 23: Emblica

Assembled from extracts of the following recordings from the official To Live and Shave in L.A. archive:

TLASILA - Live, The Hemlock, San Francisco (5 May 07); TLASILA - Studio session, WNUR-FM, Evanston (11 May 07); TLASILA - Live, MoCAD, Detroit (11 May 07); TLASILA - Live, Avant Gentleman's Lounge, Philadelphia (12 May 07); TLASILA - Live, The Bank, Baltimore (13 May 07); TLASILA - Live, Rock and Roll Hotel, DC (14 May 07); TLASILA - Live, Club Midway, NYC (16 May 07).

Composed, edited, mixed and produced by TS for TLASILA.

23B Emblica (19:07)



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