Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Re RSH: Delirium...

The death of Rowland Howard sent this house into a redoubt of melancholy. Can't lie.

The day began quietly enough, with enjoyable spins of the soon-to-be-issued Hell/Bryan Ferry collab EP "U Can Dance" (easily Herr Ferrari's best work in eons; more can be heard on Hell's new Teufelswerk disc), but as soon as the news broke, Howard's peerless Pop Crimes (and later, a Townes Van Zant soundboard boot from 1990) gave voice to our sadness.

It's fucking cornball, I suppose, but there are so few people who consistently get it right. RSH was one of them. Thus, the grey, muted mood.



This just fucking sucks... Rowland S. is gone, having succumbed to liver cancer at the too-young age of 50. Damn, damn.

There was a decade-long gap between the release of his superlative '99 album Teenage Snuff Film and the recent, extraordinary Pop Crimes compendium, but, as many others have opined, there seemed to be no diminution of his craft, only an elevation, a knowing weariness which rebuffed easy sentimentality and approached genuine grandeur.

Never another like him.

Below, an audience vid of the album's second (and perhaps most harrowing) track, "Shut Me Down," from ATP Australia, January '09...



Sewn Own (Grebe Dizzied REM)...

New blankets of white...

First approach, just after midnight:

Approx. 9:00...

A light dusting, but with temps falling below 0° for the remainder of the week, there's a good chance my melancholy (engendered by news of my father's perilous health) will be intensified.

Sigh, etc.


AdFreak's Top 30: #6...

A separate slop tryst thrown...

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Faraway nightdress poor,


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