Saturday, August 05, 2006

Still Floating...

The AWK gig was excellent. A few very minor tech/performance glitches, but otherwise an outstanding recapitulation (the setlist was 2001-03 intensive, with a handful of Close Calls/Brick Walls tracks thrown in for R&D analysis), and a thoroughly sick-ass experience. Consult the various blog/board posts for confirmation, argument, rebuttal.

I'm in Miami Beach for the next two days recording with Rat at the Laundryroom; I promise to amend this report soon. Until then, here are three of the photos I shot backstage in the minutes before the show began. (I've got an hour of video of as well... Excerpts will be posted as soon as I get back to HQ.)

Twas much fucking fun hanging with AWK, Rich Russo, Cherie, and the rest of the band and crew; the Hard Rock staff presented an ever-so-slight contrast to the enervated buffoons TLASILA have encountered at most domestic venues...

(AWK and DW, royal dopplegangers...)

(Cherie Lily... It was great to see her again; I met her last year during the Noon mix assembly. Andy was wise to bring her into the fold... She fucking wailed.)

(AWK and DW, post-surgery...)

Don't forget about the August-September mini-tour in support of Horoscopo: Sanatorio de Moliere.

August 31 Montreal - Private Loft Performance
September 1 Montreal - Sala Rosa / MEG Fest
September 2 Toronto - Sneaky Dee's
September 3 Hamilton - The Underground
September 4 New York City - Tonic
September 5 Jersey City - WFMU Session
September 6 Brooklyn - Syrup Room

The band: Rat Bastard, Ben Wolcott, Don Fleming, Mark Morgan, Andrew W.K., Chris Grier, Rich Russo, and yours truly...



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