Tuesday, September 12, 2006


(Text slightly amended and three new photos added 13 Sept 06.)

Hello Droogies,

The session we recorded at WFMU on September 5 (between our Tonic and Syrup Room gigs) will be aired today during Brian Turner's always-goddamned-fab b'cast. BT warns that the sesh will likely be unveiled between 5 and 6 pm, so set your devices and delve into what might portend to be a (rough) preview of the studio follow-up to the forthcoming Noon and Eternity. We assayed a clutch of new songs written for the Horsocopo tour, and re-worked "Mothers over Silverpoint" from Noon... A long day (thirteen takes of "Samson Scolded Delilah" alone), but well worth the effort. Kudos to Brian and the invaluable Gil Shuster for their labors; a huge non-thank you thank you to the too-modest Marisa Handren, who stuck it out for hours on end...

(The studio interior; Shuster fiddles while Graham burns... Pic GM 5 Sept 06.)

(Don Fleming blurs fine lines 'twixt May and Manzanera whilst Smythe's florescent tresses glow grey... Pic by Ben Wolcott, 5 Sept 06.)

WFMU: Upcoming Specials

Their copy (I fixed the NAE typo):

To Live and Shave in LA

Tuesday, September 12th, 3pm - 6pm on Brian Turner's show

Two years later, the insanity that was TLASILA's last session on Brian's show returns. On tour to preview a forthcoming release ("Noon and Eternity" on Menlo Park Records), the long-enduring Noise/Concrete/Freedom Rock/Destructo-Dub/ELP-covering/Crazy Frog-loving crew piles all their oscillators, giant amp stacks, and assorted debris into the WFMU live room and crack it open once more. The band this time out: Tom Smith, Graham Moore, Ben Wolcott, Andrew W.K., Rat Bastard, Chris Grier, and Don Fleming. It's gonna melt your brains.

(Four-sevenths of the Horoscopo incarnation of TLASILA, out on the mean-esque streets of bucolic Jersey City. Grier, Smith, Wolcott, Bastard, and much Ernesto-derived dampness... Snap Graham Moore, 5 Sept 06.)

Unable to catch the live broadcast? Reel in the session archive here. BT will post it apres-show.

(Graham Moore ponders a move from the unstable Mac architecture to the dependable Win 95 OS... Sweet! Pic Ben W.)

(Andrew W.K., TS and Chris Grier decide to dump the oft-rehearsed Steve Lacy tribute medley in favor of the n'er-mounted Overkill cover... Damned executive decisions! Pic Ben Wolcott.)

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