Thursday, January 08, 2009

New from Karl Schmidt Verlag!

The fourth album from Karl Schmidt Verlag is now on release and vulnerable to immediate secret rendition. Leave no bruises, bitte...

KSV 005 Tom Smith & Pit Noack - Lange Pause, dann noch eine Zigarette (CDR)

(Sleeve by Andrea & Veith Elsper.)

Recorded Nov-Dec 2008 by TS in Hannover during rehearsals for the duo's December 19th performance at Pit's Salon...

Edited, mastered and produced by TS.


Pit Noack - tapes, speaker array, synthesizer, and computer

Tom Smith - voice

Texts by TS / Music by PN & TS


C+P PN & TS / KSV, 2008-2009.

Edition of 30.



€ 7.49 within the EU, €9 outside the EU. Postage paid. Add €1 for each additional album.

So, one disc ordered from Portugal = € 7.49. Two discs ordered from the USA = € 19. Three discs ordered from China = € 29. Four ordered from France = € 32.96. Et cetera...

PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com

Edition of 30 in hand-folded, full-color paper sleeves.

Preorders ship from Lisboa on Friday...


Tobi Prinz has been away during the holidays, and was thus unable to complete his design for KSV 004. He's just returned, so we may have the Limmerstrasse Vol. 1 album ready for release by Monday. With Tobias, every design is worth waiting for...

Boa Noite,


Accordions on the Stumps...

Our Chris Grier has written a superlative piece on the late Ron Asheton (and his brief life as a Wylde Rattt) for Sleater-Kinney gimpzine Smoke Music. Two unreleased WRz tracks await your perusal. Go thither...

To Live and Shave in L.A.: Ireland September 2018!

Hi all, We're heading over to Eire at the end of next month to perform in four cities. Along for the ride with Rat Bastard and myse...