Sunday, November 13, 2005

Jukebox Jury Deadlocked

Bleary-eyed again; an indecent night's rest for the millionth consecutive day. As I rub the grit out of my hot pink orbs, a realization: I've not blabbed ponderously re current playlists in an age.

To rectify, perk up:

Digging loads of Bear Family 60s C&W comps and boxes, including Bill Monroe - Bluegrass 1959-1969, Sanford Clark - Shades, Merle Haggard - Same Train, A Different Time (excellent), and the Jimmie Driftwood Americana collection. Re BF, yesterday I scarfed their five-disc Ann-Margaret: 1961-1966 compendium. Those fucking Kraut über-completists rule above all. Sucking down the customary assortment of contempo-lectro, including Oleg Kostrow's Tartuf, Audion's Suckfish, Andi Teichmann's Wo die Wilden Kerle Wohnen EP (on Festplatten), and a gazillion new d+b plates, mixcomps, and radio sessions. (So many, in fact, that I'm backlogged two months. Pitiful, I know.) Grabbed a better rip of Jandek's October 16 set from Instal 05 in Glasgow (Mr. J. is taking the place of TLASILA at next week's Avanto Fest in Helsinki; we're gonna try to make Avanto '06 instead), tracked down Von Schlippenbach, Parker & Lovens's Live in Pisa cassette from 1981. Otherwise, the usual assortment, scads of boots (forgive me if I deign not to run through the list), everything more or less extant from Crawling Chaos, the new Kate Bush (why not?), tons of dub rarities, etc. Actually buying the odd disc now and again; picked up the hot-ass 1978 live alb from (the brilliant, largely unheralded) Radiators from Space (Alive-Alive-O!, via Chsiwick/Ace), the Charles River Valley Boys' Beatle Country bluegrass anomaly originally released through Elektra in 1966, and all but one of the six RPM "Tinmine" 70s Brit glam comps. (Boobs is fucking great, BTW.) Hmm, what else? Django Reinhardt's Concert in Bruxelles from 1948, two of the new Xenakis releases from Mode, Bertrand Burgalat's Portrait Robot, an expanded edition of Cannibal and the Headhunters' Land of 1000 Dances, the Judee Sill two-disc outtakes compilation Dreams Come True, some Wolfgang Voigt stuff I may not have already acquired (I lose track), two Sam Mangwana albums (1996's Maria Tebbo and Waka Waka, and 2000's Dino Vangu), on and on...

Must run, more later, kisses, poison darts, etc.


To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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