Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Report from Disgruntled HQ

Can't even begin to express my feelings. So much foul shit swirling around. My life is fine, but others, loved ones... It pains me endlessly. On the phone yesterday to Ben Wolcott I barely knew what I was saying...

On a less apocalyptic note, the final Noon mixdown/transfer is scheduled for the 18th in NYC. Don and AWK will helm the operation. Inching closer, my children...

Had a confab last night with GK re Smack Shire release sked: Dave Phillips, Nandor Nevai, late '05. Both should appeal to the usual disaffected base, but we'd like to skew farther afield. Won't you please join our crusade?

Posting more of the archival stuff promised in September; recent additions include the "Waste Management" series I penned in 1990-91 for Miami alt-newsweekly Antenna...

Loving Play UK's 2002 documentary The Punk Years. I'm up to episode nine of the ten-part history, and despite the usual time constraints, the necessary compressions and puzzling omissions, it's a fucking treat. (No Hank Rollins interviews!)

Here's a flash from episode six, "Typical Girls":

The Slits' legacy looms larger than almost anyone's, non?


Anyhow, I'm off to the university. Continuous updates, etc.



To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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