Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grab 'em before they're gone...

Only 19 copies of 30-minuten mannercreme (of the original 1994 run of 1,500) remain. Half of the pre-tour larder of the album was sold on our recent road trip, and as there will not be a repress, I'd suggest interested parties get on it ASAP.

(Transparency Department: There was talk a few years ago of Hanson reissuing 30-mm in a limited two-disc vinyl edition, but nothing ever came of it.)

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Hector "El Tigre" Núñez, Director, TLASILA Leisure Hair Care and Self-Actualization Division

New Snaps from the Rotture Rout...

Two previously unseen photos of our disciplined, wholly focused, dulcimer-and-maracas-only May 2nd set at the otherwise raucous Portland venue The Rotture arrived today, courtesy of the generous and obviously talented Rhys Balmer. Many thanks, global citizen!

Click on each for a larger image...

(The moment of impact, though sadly under-documented. Only 18 cameras? Photo by Rhys Balmer. The action, left to right: Tom has just accosted Frank; TS' left knee juts into the foreground, barely edging Kilynn's purple-clad torso in the far background. Dead/Bird and Graham seem fused within obsidian gradients, their arms piercing the mid-ground arcs which guide one's gaze to Rat's sprawled form as it crumples in a tartan heap... James is the man with the DV cam; Ben was sadly out-of-frame.)

(Rat sends destructive squiggles through the backline... Dead/Bird and Kilynn are reduced to atoms, but quickly reconstitute themselves as flakes of Falestra dandruff... Photo by Rhys Balmer, with thanks.)

TLASILA: Live Session, KFJC-FM, Los Altos Hills, CA (4 May 07)

The tour flew by so quickly... Hard to believe we recorded this session nearly three weeks ago.

Dominic and the staff couldn't have been more welcoming. Many thanks to everyone at the station!

(Sorry about the stains.)


To Live and Shave in L.A. - Live Session, KFJC-FM, May 4, 2007


Rat Bastard - guitar
Ben Wolcott - oscillator
Graham Moore - laptop, electronics
The Robot - motion-activated radio receivers
Tom Smith - voice

Recorded live. Three new compositions:

01 Rounds of the Great Estates (9:58)

02 Lives of the Tranquil Night (8:29)

03 A Twelth Slept Too Late (7:16)


(58.9 MB, ripped at 320 kbps, compressed to RAR.)

Get it here.


Cheers to All,


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