Friday, September 04, 2009

KSV Alert!

Hello Droogz,

Two days ago I found an additional four hours of Rope Cosmetology rehearsal recordings that I'd mislabeled and thrown onto a miscellaneous folder in a new external drive. As the pending, long-overdue Spezial Gedankengefüge double-disc is comprised of similar recordings, I've been forced to reconsider the album's running order, especially as several of the rediscovered takes are superior to those I'd previously selected.

I've been thrown off the KSV schedule again by the demands of work and the recent move, so I beg for indulgence from everyone who ordered the release. As a sick fucking perfectionist (who is well aware of the ultimate unattainability of perfection) I want to make sure that your minds aren't just scrambled beyond restructuring, but well and truly fried, scarfed down like wasabi macadamias, and BLOWN.*

As for the other titles purchased and awaiting shipment, all outstanding orders should be in the post by Saturday noon.

Lots of new releases on the horizon, so save your ducats and prepare for the onslaught of tremulous cool...



(* And, as some of you may have noticed, I've been obsessively re-working the artwork of the new Ropecosm release. Forgive this and the other delays, bitte...)

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