Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Distance: My Demons...

Guess I won't be driving that rental van packed with C4 and chlorine gas cannisters into a certain appallingly divisive president's motorcade today... The debut album from (DJ) Distance arrived with little fanfare (which I appreciated), but after absorbing and evaluating last evening's ten or so spins, I recommend a full brass fusillade... My Demons rips.

(The cover of Distance's My Demons album, available now via Planet Mu and the usual covert avenues. This, the vinyl version, is reportedly - thus, instantly - out of print. To which we can only add "Hell yeah!")

Grab, listen, disseminate.

(Greg Sanders, aka DJ Distance, just plain old Distance, etc., in an image purloined from discogs. Don't let the boyish visage fool you. Anyone who's heard the "Cyclops"/"Traffic" single can testify to its sheer lethality. Beware of soft faces...)

The tracklisting:

01 Night Vision
02 My Demons
03 Weigh Down
04 Traffic
05 Mistral
06 Cyclops
07 Cella
08 Ska
09 Fractured
10 Tuning
11 Confined
12 Delight

(No download links provided here - this one's just been released. If you're too impoverished to buy, it's easily found on the Nets. Otherwise, every online stockist in the galaxy should have the CD version. Make fucking haste.)

Yes, joy, ever mercurial, poisons my death-mind once again. Thank you, Mr. Sanders.

(The rear album sleeve...)

Hope this finds you all well. TLASILA uploads resume tomorrow.


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