Monday, January 18, 2010

Trawling Again...

Part One:

Last day dredging the depths of the archive. How about: the complete Sightings/Tom Smith 2003 Brooklyn sessions? This isn't your improv granddad's brutal, face-ripping nostalgia, kiddo - this is FUCKED. Guys, remember two takes of a song called "The Clash Are Out of Control"? Tongue lodged deeply in cheek, natch, but HOLY GOD!! I shall die happy after hearing this again...

Part Two:

More from the final day (for this visit, at least) in the archive: the second, unreleased Xex album, Xex: Change! Waw gave me a copy of it ages ago. Although I can't really share it with any of you, titillation has its upside. Fucking amazing music.



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