Friday, January 18, 2013

Merkwürdig Riechen: January 26th Is Your Day of Contrition...

Merkwürdig Riechen (Luke Calzonetti, Andreas Brüning, and yrz truly, with guests Von Wegen, from Bremen) will perform at Hannover's Oberdeck (fka Silke Arp Bricht) on Saturday, January 26th. This promises to be a sweaty, sticky, intimate, explosive motherfucker of a gig, so extract yourselves from your various personal torments (and the usual genre torpor) and DETONATE mit uns! New Merkwürdig Riechen album Optik Murnau Bremen available JETZT! Morgen!

Karl Schmidt Verlag: Exclusive Preview Mix!

Hello Again,

Running behind, as usual. Hope to have the new releases up and available tomorrow. An extraordinary amount of work went into the twenty albums we'll be offering - we trust you'll forgive us our tardiness.

Our very own Paranoid Leather has prepared a 22-minute preview mix of the new Karl Schmidt Verlag release onslaught! Get it here.

Hail Non-Rock Satan,


Merkwürdig Riechnerv: Big Show Next Saturday!

Hello again, Andreas, Bianca and I will be performing as Merkwürdig Riechnerv on the 12th at OSCO // Open Space , the indoor venue of Pla...