Saturday, January 27, 2018

1115 / Gebrochene Beine collaborative merger at Ruine HQ! (Or, Subverted Roentgen...)

Hey Freaks,

Very good performance tonight by the combined duos of Hannover/Hamburg’s Gebrochene Beine (“Broken Leg” for you Eng speakers) and München‘s 1115 at Ruine HQ, one of the latest spaces to push its way past the rot and mold of the mammoth Ihmezentrum, the noiseome 70s development that somehow manages to linger on well past its demolition date.

The fearless among you doubtless recognize 1115 and Gebrochene Beine from their participation in the 2017 KSV compilation Approach to Fear: Regeneration.

See you all next time,


Lapping Flour...

Who‘s up for pen-palling? You know you‘re all going to abandon socmed sooner or later, so you might as well get a head start on relearning how to write with a pen and paper. Send a PM with an address, and I‘ll shoot you a postcard. Mail art, straight-up mindless blab, whatever you prefer.


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