Thursday, April 19, 2007

Augmented Distress Screech Update

Hello Hello,

Here's the up-to-the-second tally of artistes who've accepted our invitation to contribute material to the forthcoming TLASILA remix album, a half-mad and spiteful urchin we've christened The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply:

Dimitri Kolesnik (Kunstkamera, Belarus)
rm74 (Reto Mader, Switzerland)
Jean-Herve Peron (Faust)
Otto Von Schirach
Dave Phillips
Joke Lanz (Sudden Infant)
Ashley Davies (London Dirthole Company)
Duran Duran Duran
Aaron Dilloway
Howard Stelzer (Intransitive Records)
Aprox. (aka Julius Valve, Finland)
Dino Felipe
Kasra Mowlavi (Critical Records, London)
Aida Ruilova & Mark Morgan
Jessica Rylan
Jared Louche
Anton Nikkila
Andrew Liles
Thee Majesty
Alexei Borisov
Ralf Wehowsky
16-Bitch Pileup
Max Eisenberg (Nautical Almanac)
Carlos Giffoni
Black Sun

Months to go... Many more names will be announced.

Look for an eventual single/double/triple/who-the-fuck-knows-disc release on Important.

Yours Faithfully,


TLASILA Flood: Live, Safari Lounge, Providence, RI, September 17, 2004

It was pissing rain, the club was a dismal fuckhole in a dreadful location, and no one seemed to be running the joint, much less cognizant of an impending performance... Hours passed; our mood darkened. Then, many people appeared...

To Live and Shave in L.A. - Live, Safari Lounge, Providence, RI, September 17, 2004

The group:

Rat Bastard, Ben Wolcott, Mark Morgan, Don Fleming, Andrew W.K., Chris Grier (majordomo), und Term Smurf.

(Rat tracks an opening salvo's ballistics...)

(A desperate circus ambiance masked thee stench of d**th...)

(A sweet believer... We'd see more of her kind later.)

(Izzat Leslie Q at center tableaux? A sweetie, to be sure, but this perv was digging the lifeguard's gams and laser eyes.)

(Andrew's infectious smile brightens the world!)

("Row Houses" revs...)

(Had to ditch that fucking hat after the tour... Don and Rat refuse to look at it any longer.)

(If you look closely you can just pick out AWK's leg below Rat... No, over there. That's a Middle Earth Mark Morgan center-right, and the 20-foot, TS-themed carillon tower to his immediate right.)

(As promised... Dig the stereoscopic scan action
à doite!)

(Andrew breaks it down once again...)

(Counting the filthy lucre? Always a pleasure. Don is on the left, CG to his right.)


(87.3 MB, ripped at 320 kbps, and compressed to RAR; total time, approx. 39 minutes.)

Get it here.




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