Sunday, December 25, 2005

Favorite Music, 2005


Dave Akuma - Code 46 (, no matrix number, digital download)

A bog-ugly bloke, but no matter - Akuma (née Martinez) laid banal worlds of beauty to waste with the outrageously assured "Code." Not one imperfect second.


Technical Itch - The Rukus bw Replicator (Penetration Records TIP017, 12'')

Tech Itch (Mark Caro) had an outstanding '05... The "Rukus" remix was deformed by last year's victors, Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch (who again excelled with their Defcom compilation EP series Black Out). Buy/acquire everything.

The Panacea - Bear of Berlin bw An Ounce of Leniency (Outbreak OUTB036, 12'')

"Bear" repositioned Mathis Mootz (aka P.) atop the chain of predation. (Clichés appropriated and trounced.) Sick in all departments...


Various Artists - Kindermusik: Improvised Music by Babies (Amorfon 005, CD)

I listened to Another Day more often, but I was bowled by Kindermusik. An ideal album.


Brian Eno - Another Day on Earth (Hannibal Records HNCD 1475, CD)

A fantastic return to form (if the invocation of such a shopworn phrase may be forgiven) for Mr. Eno; critics seemed unimpressed, but those who drilled through ADoE's sedimentary layers reached a far different consensus. (Uh, not too sure about that metaphor, but I'll continue.) Often brilliant, never mere background filler, and as good (or better, depending on one's ardor) than Taking Tiger Mountain. (Nothing will top Warm Jets, I fear.)

Antiguo Autómata Mexicano - Microhate (Background Records BG043, CD/2xLP)

A mesmerizing debut. No errant sentiments.

Album Track

Crazy Frog - "Dallas (Theme)" (from Crazy Hits, Gusto Records GUSCD03X, CD)

Created by Reinhard Raith and Henning Reith of Deutchland's obviously satanic Bass Bumpers production cabal, Crazy Frog polluted the globe in '05. Theirs was a perfect pop pathogen, the real noise. Crazy Hits (the album) flagged, of course, but "Dallas (Theme)" (available only on the Euro version), propelled the ringtone avatar into a pixilated surrealist mesosphere. Currently shredding the UK charts with an utterly daft version of "Jingle Bells." (It went from nothing to number 5 in a week, but fell to 6 by Xmas Day...)


The Stooges - The Stooges (Elektra/Rhino R2 73176, 2xCD)

Excellent remaster, with acrid (full-length) versions of "Ann" (relevatory) and "No Fun" (among other outtakes and alternate mixes) on the bonus disc. "We Will Fall" is amazing here...


My favorites, my opinion, no absolutist claims...


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