Sunday, September 03, 2006

Horoscopo Tour: Day 5

Hello... A brief recap from Toronto. (More will be posted as time allows... Might not be able to touch up the canvas until NYC, however. We're kind of busy - details, details.)

Our Montreal dress rehearsal of the 31st (the "secret loft gig") at Friendship Cove was fraught with more than a few mishaps, but we mapped out the parameters of a spectacular demise. The MEG fest performance on Saint-Laurent's formidable Sala Rosa on the 1st seemed to stir only mild ephipanies, but a pod of blown minds is better than none at all. Last night's set at Toronto's Sneaky Dee's was quite satisfying - we found our footing, although our stark shocktroop boots sometimes flared into Ringling clown clogs.

We stayed last night with Stinktown's sexy, literate Bukkake Katholik crew, and partied hard well into morn. Tons of photos, vid, etc., forthcoming. Days 2-4 will be filled in as well.



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