Sunday, January 02, 2011

KSV 2010/2011 Nexus Update

Hello Again,

Pricing, shipping dates, etc.

KSV 090 ommyth - Peed Inks: Visualizations of Hemocyte Morphology

Long-delayed, due to Om's penchant for revising the final photo selection every other freaking day, but... 80-page photobook with accompanying CD soundtrack.

€34 Eurozone postpaid; €39 elsewhere.

KSV 115 Tom Smith - 72 Hours

A seventy-two hour series of interlocked, extended vocal works, contained in an external hard drive with an accompanying 72-page photographic score.

Format options:

1) 500 GB external hard drive with 72 hour-long wav files, accompanied by the book of the 72-page score: €139, postpaid globally. (Limited edition of 15.)

2) 72-page photoscore accompanied by a two-disc condensed mix of the 72-hour piece: €39 Eurozone postpaid; €44 elsewhere.

3) Box with 72 single discs, separate covers for each disc, with the 72-page score and the two-disc special mix, plus an A0 (i.e., huge) personalized poster: €229, edition of 5 (allow 10 days for assembly):

KSV 123 Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & Tom Smith - Heralds of the New Monumentality

€8.49 Eurozone postpaid, €11 elsewhere.

KSV 124 VA - KSV Zwei Jahres-Jubiläum! (3xCD & DVD)

You really should have been there...

€19 Eurozone; €24 elsewhere.

KSV 125 Karl Schmidt - 500 Pleas for Territorial Ambiguity

80-page photobook with essays, analysis, and guide to aesthetic sublimation.

€34 EU postpaid; €39 elsewhere.

KSV 126 Patrick Spurlock - Xmassilibations

Brilliant new recordings from the TLASILA stalwart.

€8.49, Eurozone; €11 elsewhere.

KSV 127 R'ed-Up Preths - R'ed-Up Preths

Demonic white power/Nazi rock cut-ups from Berlin's crazed hardcore Commie crew.

€8.49, Eurozone; €11 elsewhere.

KSV 128 TS - Thwarted by Abject Spontaneity (Kurzfilme 2010) (DVD)

A collection of shorts helmed by TS in the last year. 60 minutes of impromptu observations and isolated incidents.

€11 Eurozone; €14 elsewhere.

KSV 129 Torstein Wjiik - Analog and Digital Nostalgia

Killer compilation from the mega-tweaked ruler.

€8.49, Eurozone; €11 elsewhere.

KSV 130 Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Shrinkmen Mirrored

New recordings rudely re-worked by Karl...

€8.49, Eurozone; €11 elsewhere.

KSV 131 To Live and Shave in L.A. - Les poisons délectables (version)

Reissued in a new sleeve with three bonus tracks!

€8.49, Eurozone; €11 elsewhere.

KSV 132 Cthulhu Teenage Desanguination - Lahaie Module X

Beyond witch. Far, far beyond witch...

€8.49, Eurozone; €11 elsewhere.

KSV 133 Pop-Import Bridal Kink - Rheum 1

The Italo Disco is aflame. RUN RUN RUN for your miserable lives!

€8.49, Eurozone; €11 elsewhere.

KSV 135 Poyster, The - Exhalted Golem Cycle

Sick strangeness from KSV's newly signed Sicilian mob...

€8.49, Eurozone; €11 elsewhere.

KSV 136 Jesus Freaks Bremen - Der silberne Planet

Gob-smacked nether-drool from our Herzegovinian neighbors. Way-the-fuck über-gone!

€8.49, Eurozone; €11 elsewhere.

KSV 137 Tom Smith & Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Silvester Konzert (2xCD)

€11 Eurozone; €14 elsewhere.


All items ship on Monday, January 17th. Demand will be fierce and our time conversely tight - we'll need a few extra days. OK?



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