Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bill Pisarri: Updated Information

This just in from Weasel Walter:

hi everybody. i know everybody needs more info about the passing of our friend bill pisarri, so here's what i've got.

i had a long talk with rebecca walz - somebody who has known bill as long as i have, almost 17 years - today and she and bill's father van are currently at bill's apartment trying to sort out his personal possessions and make sure that gets safely stored away.

according to rebecca, bill was found passed out from a heart attack at the bottom of the stairs of the el station near his apartment on the north side around 10PM on Wednesday, May 10th, 2007. there was no evidence of foul play. the paramedics found a phone number on him that happened to be that of one of rebecca's friends. they called and she rushed to the hospital to identify him. the autopsy revealed that he had an enlarged heart with a lot of scar tissue and that most likely he had heart condition that nobody knew about.

the funeral will be held in port jervis, ny at the aukmoody knights funeral home - 845 856 3312

the rough schedule is:
wednesday the 23rd will be a viewing in the afternoon between 2-4 and a visitation later that day.
the service and funeral will be on thursday the 24th.

the closest airport is stewart airport in new york -

there are two hotels within 5 minutes of the funeral home - a best western in westfall, pa and a comfort inn - montague, new jersey

if anyone needs more information rebecca walz can be reached on her cell phone at 773 895 8222 or reached by email at i will be on tour until june 1st, but if anyone needs to reach me on the road, the best way is - i do not have a cell phone.

feel free to pass this info along to anyone who needs it. these are the facts and any rumors or confusion needs to be dispelled.

weasel walter


Many thanks to Weasel. Godspeed, Bill.

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