Monday, April 16, 2012

Forthcoming on Karl Schmidt Verlag...

(Amended 16 April 12.)

Hi Again,

Still piecing it all back together following last night's galvanic Child Abuse performance at Sturmglocke. Norway's Staer drilled admirably in support. Great, great gig...

Here's an advance list of the albums (and lone book) we'll be offering when the next KSV death clump is loosed from the holding pens here at HQ. Yours truly will be represented in relative profusion, so apologies in advance for the avalanche.

(KSV 197) Tom Smith - Victims' Youthquake Style (80-page photobook with semi-explanatory text); (KSV 204) Thieves' Who's Who - Unfrozen Inset; (KSV 205) Smith, Dilloway & Morgan - The Brute Heart of Passivity; (KSV 206) Tom Smith & Patrick Spurlock - Petty Demons (2008, 2012 expanded reissue); (KSV 207) Om Myth, Nandor Nevai & Fred Ware III - Without the 'C': October 5, 1996 (2012 expanded reissue); (KSV 209) Rope Cosmetology - Disunion Strips; (KSV 210) Linda, Viola & Uwe - Kein Empfang; (KSV 211) Katja Fregatte - NARAS 1916; (KSV 212) Dahlia Nylons - Yeah Wont (Hatter Typo); (KSV 213) Elterlicheslaster - Valiance Strep; (KSV 214) Merkwürdig Riechen - Rehearsals & First Performance (2xCD); (KSV 215) Mod Norther - Thoracic Spat; (KSV 216) TSRP - Anonymity Mosh (2xCD); (KSV 217) Java Shlemiel - Hid Printouts;
(KSV 218) TS & 2nd Bank of Christ - Acerbic Shedding; (KSV 219) Orbital Trash - Legislative Shin; (KSV 220) Tom Smith & Patrick Spurlock - Pitchforks Rumple; (KSV 221) Dentally Orally - Yet Stale Envy...; (KSV 222) Closed Dictum - Cobalt Writ; (KSV 223) Bleached Audibles - Integer Hooking; (KSV 224) Disgusting Chemists - Jackpot Marmot; (KSV 225) Reabsorb - Anvils, Bikers; (KSV 226) Dynastic Harrow - Amid Follicle; (KSV 227) Lutheran - Beloved Mouton; (KSV 228) Anne - Methanol Brow; (KSV 229) Luca Sigurtà - Decay; (KSV 230) Academia Riding Rust - Unlaced Straw (2012); (KSV 231) Dona Ferentes - Troubadour and His Shadow; (KSV 232) Leakier Rivulet Unit - Airfoil Ordeal; (KSV 233) An Atlas of Acupuncture - Eight Extraordinary Vessels; and (KSV 235) Theee Cropp - Raga Provost.

That's what we're working on.

At least three more pseudonymous works this cycle. Great to have new releases from Anne, Katja and our mastering Wunderkinder Linda, Viola & Uwe...

More info soon,


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