Sunday, February 14, 2010

44 Thumbs, A-Z: #27

Thumbnails from Ken Jacobs' brilliant, vertigo-inducing 1960 film Little Stabs at Happiness...

More on Mr. Jacobs here.

Long knives between sheathes,


Three Resurrected Drunkards: Snaps from 2/13


Excellent turnout last night at Wohlklang, and probably the best performance Pit and I have given in the fourteen months we've been working together as Three Resurrected Drunkards.

(Best logo in the city...)

(Pit and TS during rehearsals. Photo by Schubi.)

Wohlklang isn't a traditional venue. It's a speaker shop by day, and a gallery/performance space a few nights each month. While not a large room (it seats about ten people with what passes for comfort), between 30-40 astral navigators were in attendance. Very gratifying...

(Lots of new faces in the crowd. An intimate, relaxed, attentive atmosphere...)

We debuted two new compositions ("And the Right Moves In" and "The Exclamation"), again assayed Rope Cosmetology's "I Must Mourn," and inserted a pair of solo pieces into the middle section of the program...

All in all, a great night! Hope to see all of you there next time... (Everyone of you on Earth. We'll have to squeeze very tightly, but I'm sure we can manage it...)



Happy New Year from the Harz...

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