Monday, May 11, 2009

An Overdub Has No Choice...

(Amended May 12, 2009.)

Bob Rafelson directed Head from Jack Nicholson's ayahuasca/dextromethorphan-infused screenplay, and on release it went straight into Rudy Vallee's zinc-plated megaphone. Of course, it ain't perfect, but as a searingly lucid document of self-immolation, the Monkees predated everyone, even the Stooges' pean to Heraclitus' ultimate notion of logos, Metallic K.O. (Ja, it's that prescient, and often as lacerating, although it must be noted that "Swami (Plus Strings)" isn't quite on par with "I Got Nothing.") Head's final sequences are especially outré; its ending is perfect. Undergirding themes of suicide, drowning, falling, entrapment, and collapse were perhaps more seditious than the film's creators intended, as implosion and wanton calumny followed. No matter - it stands, it works, and, despite its modest budget and middling backlot origins (bridge and dune scenes notwithstanding), and its failure to connect with much of anyone 41 years ago, it is the model.

Below, please find screengrabs of torrent deformations at 82% download.




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