Monday, April 02, 2018

Pussy Galore / Soy Earplugs

Hello Droogs,

I was sent this photograph yesterday.

I'd never seen it before.

Pussy Galore, performing at Houston's suspiciously Dada-deficient Cabaret Voltaire venue on January 17, 1986.

Left to right: Tom Smith (c'est moi), John Hammill, Neil Hagerty, Julie Cafritz, and Jon Spencer.

(I've no idea who the shutterbug might have been. Anyone out there with a clue?)

This was the penultimate gig of the Peach of Immortality / PG Fuck Sky Bear tour. I took acid in New Orleans three shows earlier, stayed up most of the night, caught a cold, and was pretty wiped out when we hit Texas. (I was the only member of the road company pulling double duty - as soon as Pussy Galore would finish, Peach would clamber on stage and ramp up the static. You can hear Julie berating me for being out of it on one of the live cuts from the Corpse Love compilation.)

Apropos of P. Galore: what a great motherfucking band that lineup was.

Sincere thanks to Alberto Diez for sharing this image.


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